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This file is a part of Staple
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.staple)
(defvar *xref-resolvers* (make-hash-table :test 'eq))
(defun xref-resolver (name)
(destructuring-bind (priority function) (gethash name *xref-resolvers*)
(values function priority)))
(defun (setf xref-resolver) (function name &optional (priority 0))
(setf (gethash name *xref-resolvers*) (list priority function)))
(defun remove-xref-resolver (name)
(remhash name *xref-resolvers*))
(defmacro define-xref-resolver (name args &body body)
(destructuring-bind (name &optional (priority 0)) (if (listp name) name (list name))
`(progn (setf (xref-resolver ',name ,priority)
(lambda ,args ,@body))
(defun resolve-xref (definition)
(loop for resolver in (sort (loop for v being the hash-values of *xref-resolvers*
collect v)
#'> :key #'first)
for xref = (funcall (second resolver) definition)
when xref do (return xref)))
(define-xref-resolver (current-page 10) (definition)
(when (find (definitions:package definition) (packages *page*))
(format NIL "#~a" (url-encode (definition-id definition)))))
(define-xref-resolver (other-pages 0) (definition)
(dolist (page (pages (project *page*)))
(when (and (typep page 'definitions-index-page)
(find (definitions:package definition) (packages page)))
(return (format NIL "~a#~a" (relative-path page *page*) (url-encode (definition-id definition)))))))
(define-xref-resolver common-lisp (definition)
(when (eql (definitions:package definition) (find-package "CL"))
(format NIL "" (url-encode (string-downcase (definitions:name definition))))))
(define-xref-resolver (other-projects -10) (definition)
(let ((sys (package-system (definitions:package definition))))
(when (and sys (asdf:system-homepage sys))
(format NIL "~a#~a" (asdf:system-homepage sys) (url-encode (definition-id definition))))))
(defun parse-lisp-token (string)
(with-output-to-string (out)
(with-input-from-string (in string)
(loop for char = (read-char in NIL)
while char
do (case char
(#\\ (write-char (read-char in NIL) out))
(#\| (loop for char = (read-char in NIL)
until (char= char #\|)
do (write-char char out)))
(T (write-char (char-upcase char) out)))))))
(defun parse-symbol (identifier)
(let (package (name identifier))
(loop with escaped = NIL
for i from 0 below (length identifier)
for char = (aref identifier i)
do (case char
(#\| (setf escaped (not escaped)))
(#\\ (incf i))
(unless escaped
(if (<= (length identifier) (1+ i))
(setf name "")
(setf name (subseq identifier (+ i (if (eql #\: (aref identifier (1+ i))) 2 1)))))
(setf package (cond ((= 0 i)
((and (= 1 i) (char= #\# (aref identifier 0)))
(subseq identifier 0 i))))))))
(values (parse-lisp-token name)
(etypecase package
(string (parse-lisp-token package))
((eql :gensym) :gensym)
(null NIL)))))
(defun find-definitions-for-identifier (name &key package (type T))
(let ((packages (if package
(list package)
(append (packages *page*) (list "CL")))))
(loop for package in packages
append (ignore-errors
(let* ((package (ensure-package package))
(symbol (find-symbol name package)))
(when symbol
(definitions:find-definitions symbol :package package :type type)))))))
(defgeneric xref (thing))
(defmethod xref ((definition definitions:definition))
(resolve-xref definition))
(defmethod xref ((identifier string))
(multiple-value-bind (name package) (parse-symbol identifier)
(unless (eql package :gensym)
(let ((defs (find-definitions-for-identifier name :package package)))
(loop for def in (preferred-definition defs)
for xref = (resolve-xref def)
do (when xref (return xref)))))))