Repo containing the sample projects associated with the iOS7 Day-by-Day blog series
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00-uikit-dynamics Adds the license header to each of the source files Sep 18, 2013
01-nsurlsession Replace images with CreativeCommons images from flickr Sep 20, 2013
02-asset-catalog Adds the license header to the source files Sep 18, 2013
04-avspeechsynthesizer Adds the license copy to the header of the source files. Sep 18, 2013
05-uidynamics-collectionview Fix some writeup inconsistencies Sep 26, 2013
06-tintcolor Missing a code indent Sep 25, 2013
07-snapshot Adds correct license headers to code files Sep 30, 2013
08-safariservices Adds the article writeup for SafariServices Jul 19, 2013
10-custom-vc-transitions Adds screenshots showing fade process Sep 25, 2013
11-uiview-keyframe-animation Resized the graph Oct 3, 2013
13-mapkit-directions Updates license header at the top of the source files Oct 7, 2013
14-interactive-vc-transitions Updates source files with correct license header Oct 5, 2013
15-core-image-filters Corrects the orientation of the generated QR code Oct 16, 2013
16-qr-codes-avfoundation Completes post writeup, including images Oct 9, 2013
17-ibeacons Adds write-up for iBeacons Oct 13, 2013
18-coreimage-features Adds writeup and images for face detectors. Oct 13, 2013
19-uitableview-rowheight-estimation Completes writeup of tableview height estimation Oct 14, 2013
20-uiviewcontroller-edges Completed writeup on uiviewcontroller edges Oct 16, 2013
21-multi-column-textkit Completes multi-column textkit writeup Oct 16, 2013
23-multipeer-connectivity Added images and completed writeup Oct 21, 2013
.gitignore Initial commit Jun 28, 2013
license Create license Sep 18, 2013


This repo contains the sample projects which accompany a blog series which takes a look at some of the new features available to developers in iOS7. The blog series is available here:

If you have any suggestions / ideas / comments please feel free to catch me on twitter at @iwantmyrealname, and do fork the repo and have a play around with the code!


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