Source repo for the AbyssalCraft mod
Latest commit aa52968 Jan 26, 2017 @Shinoow AbyssalCraft
*Demon Animals now starts spreading fire if they get in contact with any
source of fire
*Something happens if you use Shears on Evil Animals
*Improved the rendering of the Visage of The Depths overlay (should fix
any rendering issues regarding it)
*A fully usable ritual formation no longer generates along with the
Temple of J'zahar (you have to do the Necronomcion part)
*Applying the Coralium and Dread enchantments through rituals works now
*Improved cave and ravine generation in the Abyssal Wasteland and the
*Caves and ravines now generate in the Dark Realm
*Reduced the amount of smoke Shadow mobs emit while inside the Dark
*Shadow mobs (and Lesser Shadow Shoggoths) are all translucent
*When a Lesser Shoggoth spawns a child, the child will be of the same
type as the parent
*Added a config option for setting whether or not Lesser Shoggoths
should have a chance of spawning in the Overworld
*Added Crystal Fragments (even smaller pieces of Crystallized Elements)
*Set proper map colors for the various blocks
*Shadow mobs now have a chance of spawning in all Darklands biomes (but
they're still more common in the mountains)
*Changed some internal code for the Essence of The Gatekeeper Item
Entity (fixes crashes with Extra Utilities 2)
*The Dreadlands Grass now has the correct bottom and particle texture
*Mob spawning in the Dreadlands should be more frequent, while mob
spawning in the Abyssal Wasteland should be a bit less frequent
*Lesser Shoggoths no longer spread a layer of ooze below the layer
they've already spread
*Applied the correct colors for the last 8 Crystal Clusters
*Fixed numerous crafting recipes for crystal items/blocks
*Changed the color palette for the Darklands biomes (now uses a
indigo-esque color instead of the previous purple)
*Made the color of the various Darkstone blocks a shade bluer
*The foliage color in the Abyssal Wasteland now matches the color of the
Fused Abyssal Sand
*Removed the random blindness from the Darklands biomes
*Lowered the height at which Items placed on Altars/Pedestals are
*Updated a bunch of pictures in the Necronomicon (anything involving
either Darkstone or the Darklands)
*Remnants no longer say 2 insults at once, and no longer tell you
they're busy when you initialize a trade with one
*Added an API hook to enable Gateway Keys to function in any dimension
registered there
*The Darklands Oak and Dreadlands Tree are less randomized, and taller
in general
*Increased the amount of Darklands Oaks that generate in Darklands
*Replaced the Darklands Oak Log texture with a different animation and
darkened both the Log and Plank textures
*The Ritual of Fertility now also targets Rabbits
*Added a config option to change the opacity of the overlay displayed
when wearing the Visage of The Depths
*Re-balanced armor smelting recipes to match Vanilla's (for AbyssalCraft
*Now runs on Forge

Welcome to AbyssalCraft on Github

Main information

The mod thread can be located at


AbyssalCraft Copyright (c) 2012 - 2016 Shinoow. All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the GNU Lesser Public License v3 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at

Support Development

Reporting bugs

If you happen to find a bug while playing with the mod, report an issue, with a detailed explanation of what triggered the possible crash (or the bug), and the crash report (either as a gist or a site like pastebin). If you can track down a bug directly in the code, file a pull request pointing out the incorrect code while providing a fix. Make sure you label the issue with the bug label (does not apply for a direct PR).


If you find something you think I should change in the mod that can enhance the experience for you and other users, make an issue and use the enhancement label on it. If you, on the other hand, have a suggestion, use the suggestion label instead. In both cases, be detailed about the enhancement/suggestion. I have a little list here of things that I need suggestions and feedback on, so if you're up for that, check it out:


Contributions are welcome. Most contributions might end up being tweaks and improvements, but that's still a contribution.


If you want to import AbyssalCraft into your workspace, add the following to the repositories block of your build.gradle:

repositories {
  maven {
      name 'shinoow'
      url ''

Then, in your dependencies block, add this:

dependencies {
  deobfCompile "com.shinoow.abyssalcraft:Abyssalcraft:<mcversion>-<acversion>:<classifier>"

Where mcversion is the Minecraft version you wish to use, acversion is the AbyssalCraft version you wish to use, and classifier denotes which type of file (eg. "dev" for a deobfuscated jar file, "src" for a jar file with source code or "api" for a zip folder contanining the API package) to download from the maven repo. However, this only works for AbyssalCraft (version where I finally set up a maven repo) and up, and only for Minecraft 1.8.9 and up. If you want to see all the available versions in the maven repo, you can do so over at

If you are looking for previous versions of the mod (or Minecraft versions) to integrate, then check the dev branch (as I've uploaded deobfuscated jar files there, along with ones containing source code and zip folders containing the API package). The jar files can be imported into your workspace, and the contents of the zip folder can be extracted into src/api/java.