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Integration module for AbyssalCraft
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AbyssalCraft Integration

Integration module for AbyssalCraft

Main Information

AbyssalCraft Integration is a module (previously a part of AbyssalCraft) which holds cross-mod integrations. Turning this into a separate mod was done in order to make the process of adding/updating integrations faster. Any other mod author who wishes to add support for their own mod can file a pull request with their stuff (and documentation for the things they want to add). You can find the project at the following URL:


Right now the project is licensed as "All Rights Reserved", but that will either end up as LGPL or MIT (depending on things like CLA's for contributors)

Support Development

Compiling and running

Since this isn't a complete environment, the last remaining pieces will need to be added to a folder (along with the build.gradle, and the src and libs folders). After that, simply open the folder in a command prompt and type gradle setupDecompWorkspace followed by either gradle eclipse or gradle idea (if you don't have gradle installed, use gradlew or gradlew.bat instead of gradle)


If you're a mod user, you can file issues with suggestions or bugs you've discovered while using this mod. If you're a mod author, you can expand the project by adding support for your mod (or help improve other integrations, or even suggest integrations). There will be a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to sign in order to prevent any legal mishaps.

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