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TwoFold.js (2✂︎f) changelog


  • tag prop values can now be surrounded by: single quote ', double quote " and backtick `
  • tag functions now receive info if the tag is Single or Double
  • CLI option to render all files on watch start (not just on change)
  • CLI config now validates the openTag, closeTag and lastStopper
  • some improvements to cat and sortLines tags


  • allow space and slash in the props values
  • fixed newline bug in the props values
  • tag functions receive options from config
  • added "cat" and "listFiles" tags
  • added "--tags" option in CLI to list all available tags
  • added "--glob" and "--depth" options in CLI for scan, render, watch


  • evaluate Async tag functions
  • loading funcs and configs in CLI
  • watch files and folders and render on changes
  • improved scan files and folders to list all the tags
  • bug fixes in the lexer, parser and evaluator
  • re-organized some code


  • re-written all the core ⚛︎
  • lexer, parser, evaluator, executing functions depth first
  • tags props parsed as an object[string: string]
  • scan files and folders to list all the tags


  • initial release, using regex to parse the TwoFold tags
  • limited and not well tested, just enough to check it would work
  • props not supported, deeply nested tags not supported
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