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Shiohara CMS uses AngularJS and Spring Boot, develop server-side javascript templates through Nashorn
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Viglet Shiohara CMS - Model Content and Create Site using Javascript with Native Cache and Search.

Shiohara (pronounced [strong/ʃiː/ weak/ʃɪ/ o həˈrəˈ]) Audio

If you'd like to contribute to Viglet Shiohara, be sure to review the contribution guidelines.

We use GitHub issues for tracking requests and bugs.



$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ cd shiohara


1. Runtime

Use Gradle to execute Shiohara CMS, without generate jar file.

$ ./gradlew bootrun

2. Or Generate JAR File

Use Gradle to generate Shiohara CMS executable JAR file.

$ ./gradlew build

2.1 Run

To run Shiohara CMS executable JAR file, just execute the following line:

$ java -jar build/libs/viglet-shiohara.jar

Viglet Shiohara

login/password: admin/admin

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