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ShipEngine Firebase Extensions


Requires Node version 14.7.0

$ yarn install # install dependencies

Requires an older version of firebase-tools

$ npm install -g firebase-tools@9.21.0
$ yarn run firebase login # login to firebase
$ yarn run firebase --open-sesame extdev # to enable access to pre-release extension commands

Copy contents of .env.example into a .env.development file in the extension directory that contains the Cloud Functions, and include values for any params the extension needs for installation (including the ShipEngine API key - can be retrieved from 1Password).


Before publishing, you must update the for the extension.

firebase ext:dev:publish shipengine/[extension-id] # extension id is located in each extension.yaml


$ yarn workspace validate-address-functions emulate # ...and then navigate to localhost:4000 to access the emulator dashboard