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v6.4.4 Release Notes

Release Date

Monday, Apr 30 2018


  • Failure logs in email notifications: Email notifications for both CI and Assembly Lines can be configured to include log output of failing commands with the sendFailingSnippet option. To enable this, see the CI email or Assembly Lines configuration documentation.


  • Listing a webhook subscription integration with no linked account integration in a CI shippable.yml now creates a run with the same error message as other integration types.
  • Docker integrations will now properly log in on Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7 dynamic nodes.
  • Job names in SPOG will wrap to a second line if space is available.
  • Fixed a crash in the internal "sync" service.
  • New NOTIFY line syntax in pipeline jobs will now properly trigger the notification workflow.
  • on_success webhook logs will no longer be cut off by the log archiving service.
  • When searching SPOG for a particular job, if that job is stale, the search highlight will take priority over the stale highlight.
  • When a build's webhook payload fails to send due to a parsing error, a helpful message will be displayed in the logs.

Custom Nodes

  • Node status updated when nodes do not report a status: If a node has not sent updated node statistics for 15 minutes (configurable in Shippable Server installations), the node status will be updated to failed and jobs will not be queued for that node.

Shippable Server

  • Features

    • Admiral UI usability enhancements
      • User can now click the header of each panel to expand/contract, not just the arrow.
      • URL update panel will stay open after editing, so the change can be easily seen.
      • Node pool configuration has been split into multiple panels.
      • Refreshing the page will maintain the currently selected tab.
      • Default System Machine Image (SMI) will be the current Admiral release that was installed instead of "master".
      • Updated naming conventions for nodes to match latest standards.
      • Included various spelling corrections.
      • The SMI table is now searchable.
      • SubnetID for SMI will now properly save on initial creation.
      • Redundant fields are removed from the SMI table.
      • Buttons will be disabled while "apply" action is in progress.
    • Admin page enhancements
      • Added an insights section to the "Analytics" tab of the admin page.
      • Subscription page has been enhanced in several ways
        • Up to 25 subscriptions shown immediately by default
        • Licenses list truncated to 1 by default, with a "show more" button to view details.
        • "isPaid" column has been removed
      • Accounts page has been enhanced in several ways
        • Added a summary panel at the top, showing total active accounts, and further dividing them between those with "read-only" access to projects vs "full" (has write access to at least 1 project).
        • "Subscriptions" column restricted to a single line with a "more" button to show all subscriptions that the account can access.
        • "Enabled Projects" column restricted to a single line with a "more" button to show all enabled projects that the account can access.
        • Search box will cover name, email, and ID instead of having to select one option.
    • Addons are enabled by default in fresh installation of Shippable - After a fresh installation of Shippable, the following Addons will be enabled by default.
  • Fixes

    • Master integration validation: When adding system integrations, all included fields must have corresponding fields in the master integration in order to pass validation.
    • Docker upgrade during install: When installing Admiral, the host machine will be upgraded to Docker 17.06 if possible.


To view Shippable's release history, check out our releases page on github.