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Manisha edited this page Sep 2, 2017 · 2 revisions

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix RHS nav indentation for docs - @mohit5it9

    • User will be able to see the sub headings properly indented for right navigation pane.
    • Documentation
  2. Paginate tree call in v4 Gitlab adapter - @jatindogra

    • user should be able to run builds, even if there are large number of files in repository.
    • Gitlab Documentation
  3. Fixes shipctl Shippable utility function - @nranjanShippable

    • Users will be able to use get_json_value and decrypt utility function. Docs are updated
    • Documentation
  4. Misleading duration reported for some jobs - @niranjan92

    • Fixed duration for Consoles page and Admin Monitor Jobs page
  5. Fixes in UI performance

    • A lot of UI performance related changes are making it to this release. We identified a lot of customer pain points after having constant feedback sessions with them. As a result, we've done significant changes to improve the UI performance.
    • These changes will be rolled out incrementally over next few releases after rigorous testing


  1. Support stabilityDuration for non ECS providers @a-murphy
    • Adding a stabilityDuration to a blueGreen deploy job will periodically check if the new deployment is still running until that duration (in seconds) is reached. This has already been added to ECS deployments and will now be available for all blueGreen deploy jobs.
    • Documentation
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