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This file is a part of cl-markless
(c) 2018 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.markless)
(declaim (ftype (function (directive parser simple-string (unsigned-byte 32)) (unsigned-byte 32)) begin))
(declaim (ftype (function (directive components:component parser simple-string (unsigned-byte 32)) (unsigned-byte 32)) invoke))
(declaim (ftype (function (directive components:component parser) T) end))
(declaim (ftype (function (directive components:component parser simple-string (unsigned-byte 32)) (or null (unsigned-byte 32))) consume-prefix))
(declaim (ftype (function (directive components:component parser simple-string (unsigned-byte 32)) (or null (unsigned-byte 32))) consume-end))
(defparameter *default-directives*
(defun compile-dispatch-table (directives)
(labels ((max-char (candidates i)
(loop for candidate in candidates
maximize (if (<= (length (car candidate)) i)
(loop for char across (aref (car candidate) i)
maximize (char-code char)))))
(make-table (candidates i)
(loop with table = (make-array (1+ (max-char candidates i)) :initial-element ())
for candidate in candidates
do (if (<= (length (car candidate)) i)
(push candidate (aref table 0))
(loop for char across (aref (car candidate) i)
do (push candidate (aref table (char-code char)))))
finally (return (fill-table table (1+ i)))))
(fill-table (table i)
(loop for key from 0 below (length table)
for candidates = (aref table key)
do (setf (aref table key)
(if (or (cdr candidates)
(<= i (1- (length (caar candidates)))))
(make-table candidates i)
(cdr (first candidates))))
finally (return table))))
(make-table (loop for directive in directives
collect (cons (prefix directive) directive))
(defun dispatch (table string cursor)
(declare (type simple-vector table))
(declare (type simple-string string))
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1)))
(loop with target of-type simple-vector = table
for i of-type (unsigned-byte 32) from cursor below (length string)
for char of-type character = (aref string i)
for code of-type (unsigned-byte 32) = (char-code char)
do (let ((next (or (when (< code (length target))
(aref target code))
(aref target 0))))
(if (arrayp next)
(setf target next)
(return (if (and (typep next 'directive) (enabled-p next))
(aref table 0)))))
finally (return (aref table 0))))
(defstruct stack-entry
(directive NIL)
(component NIL))
;; FIXME: Future: separate out parser state so that parsers can
;; be re-used
(defclass parser ()
((line-break-mode :initarg :line-break-mode :initform :show :accessor line-break-mode)
(directives :initform () :accessor directives)
(block-dispatch-table :accessor block-dispatch-table)
(inline-dispatch-table :accessor inline-dispatch-table)
(input :accessor input)
(stack :accessor stack)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((parser parser) &key (directives *default-directives*)
(stack-size-limit 64))
(setf (directives parser) (mapcar #'ensure-directive directives))
(setf (stack parser) (make-array stack-size-limit :fill-pointer 0 :element-type 'stack-entry))
(loop for i from 0 below stack-size-limit
do (setf (aref (stack parser) i) (make-stack-entry)))
(dolist (directive disabled-directives)
(setf (enabled-p (directive directive parser)) NIL))
(setf (block-dispatch-table parser) (compile-dispatch-table (directives-of 'block-directive parser)))
(setf (inline-dispatch-table parser) (compile-dispatch-table (directives-of 'inline-directive parser))))
(declaim (inline stack-push))
(defun stack-push (directive component stack)
(declare (type (vector stack-entry) stack))
(let ((entry (aref stack (fill-pointer stack))))
(incf (fill-pointer stack))
(setf (stack-entry-directive entry) directive)
(setf (stack-entry-component entry) component)
(declaim (inline stack-pop))
(defun stack-pop (stack)
(declare (type (vector stack-entry) stack))
(when (= 0 (fill-pointer stack))
(error 'stack-exhausted))
(decf (fill-pointer stack))
(aref stack (fill-pointer stack)))
(declaim (inline stack-top))
(defun stack-top (stack)
(declare (type (vector stack-entry) stack))
(aref stack (1- (length stack))))
(declaim (inline stack-bottom))
(defun stack-bottom (stack)
(declare (type (vector stack-entry) stack))
(aref stack 0))
(defun stack-unwind (stack parser until)
(loop until (= (length stack) until)
for entry = (stack-pop stack)
do (end (stack-entry-directive entry)
(stack-entry-component entry)
(declaim (inline root))
(defun root (parser)
(stack-entry-component (stack-bottom (stack parser))))
(defmethod directive ((name symbol) (parser parser))
(find name (directives parser) :key #'type-of))
(defmethod directive ((name string) parser)
(directive (find-symbol (to-readtable-case name #.(readtable-case *readtable*))
(defmethod directives-of (type (parser parser))
(remove-if-not (lambda (d) (typep d type)) (directives parser)))
(defmethod disable ((parser parser) (test function))
(dolist (directive (directives parser) parser)
(setf (enabled-p directive) (funcall test directive))))
(defmethod enable ((parser parser) (test function))
(dolist (directive (directives parser) parser)
(setf (enabled-p directive) (funcall test directive))))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction (instruction (parser parser))
(error 'instruction-evaluation-undefined :instruction instruction))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:set) (parser parser))
(let ((v (components:variable instruction)))
(cond ((string-equal v "line-break-mode")
(cond ((string= (components:value instruction) "show")
(setf (line-break-mode parser) :show))
((string= (components:value instruction) "hide")
(setf (line-break-mode parser) :hide))
(error 'bad-value
:variable (components:variable instruction)
:value (components:value instruction)))))
((string-equal v "author")
(setf (components:author (root parser))
(components:value instruction)))
((string-equal v "copyright")
(setf (components:copyright (root parser))
(components:value instruction)))
((string-equal v "language")
(setf (components:language (root parser))
(components:value instruction)))
(error 'bad-variable
:variable (components:variable instruction))))))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:info) (parser parser))
(format *error-output* "~&[INFO ] ~a~%" (components:message instruction)))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:warning) (parser parser))
(format *error-output* "~&[WARN ] ~a~%" (components:message instruction))
(warn 'user-warning :message (components:message instruction)))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:error) (parser parser))
(format *error-output* "~&[ERROR] ~a~%" (components:message instruction))
(error 'user-error parser :message (components:message instruction)))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:include) (parser parser))
(setf (input parser) (make-concatenated-stream
(open (components:file instruction) :element-type 'character)
(input parser))))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:disable) (parser parser))
(dolist (directive (components:directives instruction))
(let ((directive (directive directive parser)))
(when directive
(setf (enabled-p directive) NIL)))))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:enable) (parser parser))
(dolist (directive (components:directives instruction))
(let ((directive (directive directive parser)))
(when directive
(setf (enabled-p directive) T)))))
(defmethod evaluate-instruction ((instruction components:label) (parser parser))
(setf (components:label (components:target instruction) (root parser))
(stack-entry-component (stack-top (stack parser)))))
(defun read-full-line (stream)
(declare (type stream stream))
(declare (optimize speed))
(let ((line (read-line stream)))
(declare (type simple-string line))
(if (and (< 0 (length line)) (eql #\\ (char line (1- (length line)))))
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop with i of-type fixnum = 0
with length of-type fixnum = (length line)
while (< i length)
for char of-type character = (aref line i)
do (cond ((char= #\\ char)
(incf i)
(cond ((= i length)
(setf i -1)
(setf line (read-line stream))
(setf length (length line)))
(write-char char out)
(write-char (aref line i) out))))
(write-char char out)))
(incf i)))
(defmethod parse (thing (parser (eql T)))
(parse thing (make-instance 'parser)))
(defmethod parse ((pathname pathname) parser)
(with-open-file (stream pathname :direction :input
:element-type 'character)
(parse stream parser)))
(defmethod parse ((string string) parser)
(with-input-from-string (stream string)
(parse stream parser)))
(defun pop-newline (stack)
(let ((component (stack-entry-component (stack-top stack))))
(when (or (typep component 'components:inline-component)
(typep component 'components:paragraph))
(let ((children (components:children component)))
(when (and (< 0 (length children))
(typep (aref children (1- (length children))) 'components:newline))
(vector-pop children))))))
(defmethod parse ((stream stream) (parser parser))
(let* ((root (make-instance 'components:root-component))
(stack (stack parser))
(*current-line-number* 0))
(setf (input parser) stream)
(stack-push (make-instance 'root-directive) root stack)
(loop while (peek-char NIL (input parser) NIL)
for line = (read-full-line (input parser))
do (process-stack parser stack line)
(incf *current-line-number*))
(when (eq :show (line-break-mode parser))
(pop-newline stack))
(stack-unwind stack parser 0)
(defun commit (directive component parser)
(let* ((stack (stack parser))
(children (components:children (stack-entry-component (stack-top stack)))))
(vector-push-extend component children)
(stack-push directive component stack)))
(defun process-stack (parser stack line)
(declare (type simple-string line))
(declare (type (vector stack-entry) stack))
(declare (optimize speed))
(let ((cursor 0)
(stack-pointer 1))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) cursor stack-pointer))
(loop while (< stack-pointer (length stack))
for entry = (aref stack stack-pointer)
for next-cursor = (consume-prefix (stack-entry-directive entry)
(stack-entry-component entry)
parser line cursor)
do (unless next-cursor
(when (eq :show (line-break-mode parser))
(pop-newline stack))
(stack-unwind stack parser stack-pointer)
(setf cursor next-cursor)
(incf stack-pointer))
(loop for entry = (aref stack (1- (length stack)))
do (setf cursor (invoke (stack-entry-directive entry)
(stack-entry-component entry)
parser line cursor))
while (< cursor (length line)))
(when (eq :show (line-break-mode parser))
(let ((top (stack-entry-component (stack-top stack))))
(when (or (typep top 'components:inline-component)
(typep top 'components:paragraph))
(vector-push-extend (make-instance 'components:newline) (components:children top)))))))
(defun read-block (parser line cursor)
(declare (type simple-string line))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) cursor))
(declare (optimize speed))
(let* ((table (block-dispatch-table parser))
(directive (dispatch table line cursor)))
(begin directive parser line cursor)))
(defun read-url (line cursor)
(declare (type simple-string line))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) cursor))
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0)))
(flet ((alpha-p (char)
(<= (char-code #\A) (char-code char) (char-code #\z)))
(number-p (char)
(<= (char-code #\0) (char-code char) (char-code #\9)))
(drop ()
(return-from read-url NIL)))
(declare (inline alpha-p number-p drop))
(unless (alpha-p (aref line cursor))
(let ((end cursor)
(length (length line)))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) end length))
;; Match scheme
(loop while (< end length)
for char of-type character = (aref line end)
do (when (char= #\: char)
(unless (or (alpha-p char)
(number-p char)
(char= char #\+)
(char= char #\-)
(char= char #\.))
(incf end))
(unless (and (< (+ 2 end) length)
(char= #\/ (aref line (+ 1 end)))
(char= #\/ (aref line (+ 2 end))))
(incf end 3)
(let ((start end))
;; Match path
(loop while (< end length)
for char of-type character = (aref line end)
do (unless (or (alpha-p char)
(number-p char)
(find char "$-_.+!*'()&,/:;=?@z%#"))
(incf end))
(unless (< start end)
(defun read-inline (parser line cursor end-char)
(declare (type simple-string line))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) cursor))
(declare (type character end-char))
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1)))
(let* ((buffer (make-string-output-stream))
(table (inline-dispatch-table parser))
(top (stack-top (stack parser))))
(labels ((commit-buffer ()
(let ((string (get-output-stream-string buffer)))
(when (string/= "" string)
(vector-push-extend string (components:children (stack-entry-component top))))))
(read-inline-char (char)
(let ((directive (dispatch table line cursor)))
(cond ((typep directive 'url)
(let ((end (the (unsigned-byte 32) (begin directive parser line cursor))))
(cond ((/= cursor end)
(vector-push-extend (make-instance 'components:url :target (subseq line cursor end))
(components:children (stack-entry-component top)))
(setf cursor end))
(write-char char buffer)
(incf cursor)))))
(return-from read-inline (begin directive parser line cursor)))
(write-char char buffer)
(incf cursor))))))
(loop while (< cursor (length line))
for char = (aref line cursor)
do (when (char= end-char char)
(let ((next (consume-end (stack-entry-directive top)
(stack-entry-component top)
parser line cursor)))
(when next
(stack-pop (stack parser))
(return-from read-inline next))))
(cond ((char= char #\\)
(write-char (aref line (+ 1 cursor)) buffer)
(incf cursor 2))
(read-inline-char char))))