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This file is a part of cl-markless
(c) 2018 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.markless)
(defun decompose-rgb (hex)
(list (ldb (byte 8 16) hex)
(ldb (byte 8 8) hex)
(ldb (byte 8 0) hex)))
(defmacro match! (prefix line cursor)
(let ((lineg (gensym "LINE")) (cursorg (gensym "CURSOR")))
`(let ((,lineg ,line)
(,cursorg ,cursor))
(declare (type simple-string ,lineg))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) ,cursorg))
(declare (optimize speed))
,(loop for form = `(+ ,cursorg ,(length prefix))
then `(when (char= ,(aref prefix i) (aref ,lineg (+ ,cursorg ,i)))
for i downfrom (1- (length prefix)) to 0
finally (return `(when (<= (+ ,cursorg ,(length prefix)) (length ,lineg))
(defun read-delimited (line cursor delimiter)
(values (with-output-to-string (stream)
(loop while (< cursor (length line))
for char = (aref line cursor)
do (cond ((char= #\\ char)
(incf cursor)
(setf char (aref line cursor)))
((char= delimiter char)
(write-char char stream)
(incf cursor)))
(defun split-string (string split &optional (start 0))
(let ((parts ())
(buffer (make-string-output-stream)))
(flet ((commit ()
(let ((string (get-output-stream-string buffer)))
(when (string/= "" string)
(push string parts)))))
(loop for i from start below (length string)
for char = (aref string i)
do (if (char= char split)
(write-char char buffer))
finally (commit))
(nreverse parts))))
(defun next-option (line cursor end)
(declare (type simple-string line))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 32) cursor))
(declare (type character end))
(declare (optimize speed))
(let ((buffer (make-string-output-stream)))
(loop while (< cursor (length line))
for char = (aref line cursor)
do (cond ((char= #\\ char)
(incf cursor)
(write-char (aref line cursor) buffer))
((char= #\, char)
(return-from next-option
(list (string-trim " " (get-output-stream-string buffer))
(1+ cursor)
((char= end char)
(write-char char buffer)))
(incf cursor))
(let ((option (string-trim " " (get-output-stream-string buffer))))
(list (when (string/= "" option) option)
(1+ cursor)
(defun split-options (line cursor end)
(loop for (option next continue) = (next-option line cursor end)
when option collect option
do (setf cursor next)
while continue))
(defun starts-with (beginning string &optional (start 0))
(and (<= (length beginning) (- (length string) start))
(string= beginning string :start2 start :end2 (+ start (length beginning)))))
(defun ends-with (ending string)
(and (<= (length ending) (length string))
(string= ending string :start2 (- (length string) (length ending)))))
(defun parse-float (string &key (start 0) (end (length string)))
(let* ((dot (or (position #\. string :start start :end end) end))
(whole (parse-integer string :start start :end dot)))
(incf dot)
(if (< dot end)
(let ((fractional (parse-integer string :start dot :end end)))
(+ whole (/ fractional (expt 10 (- end dot)))))
(defun parse-unit (string &key (start 0))
(let* ((unit (cond ((ends-with "em" string) :em)
((ends-with "pt" string) :pt)
((ends-with "px" string) :px)
((ends-with "%" string) :%)
(T (warn 'bad-unit :option string))))
(size (parse-float string :start start :end (- (length string) (length (string unit))))))
(values size unit)))
(defun to-readtable-case (string case)
(ecase case
(:downcase (string-downcase string))
(:upcase (string-upcase string))
(:preserve string)
(:invert (error "FIXME: Implement INVERT read-case."))))
(defun condense-children (children)
(let ((buffer (make-string-output-stream))
(result (make-array 0 :adjustable T :fill-pointer T)))
(labels ((commit ()
(let ((string (get-output-stream-string buffer)))
(when (string/= "" string)
(vector-push-extend string result))))
(traverse (children)
(loop for child across children
do (cond ((stringp child)
(write-string child buffer))
((typep child 'components:instruction))
((typep child 'components:comment))
((eql 'components:unit-component (type-of child)))
((eql 'components:parent-component (type-of child))
(traverse (components:children child)))
(vector-push-extend child result))))))
(traverse children)
(let ((string (get-output-stream-string buffer)))
(when (string/= "" string)
(vector-push-extend string result)))
(defun condense-component-tree (component)
(loop for child across (setf (components:children component)
(condense-children component))
do (when (typep child 'components:parent-component)
(condense-component-tree child)))
(defun vector-push-front (element vector)
(cond ((= 0 (length vector))
(vector-push-extend element vector))
(vector-push-extend (aref vector (1- (length vector))) vector)
(loop for i downfrom (- (length vector) 2) to 1
do (setf (aref vector i) (aref vector (1- i))))
(setf (aref vector 0) element))))
(defun delegate-paragraph (parser line cursor)
(let* ((component (stack-entry-component (stack-top (stack parser))))
(children (components:children component))
(sibling (when (< 0 (length children))
(aref children (1- (length children))))))
(unless (or (typep sibling 'components:paragraph)
(typep component 'components:paragraph))
(commit (directive 'paragraph parser) (make-instance 'components:paragraph) parser))
(read-inline parser line cursor #\Nul)))
(defun class-prototype (class)
(let ((class (etypecase class
(class class)
(symbol (find-class class)))))
(allocate-instance class)))
(defun subclasses (class)
#+abcl (mop:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+allegro (mop:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+clisp (clos:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+clozure (ccl:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+cmu (clos-mop:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+ecl (clos:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+lispworks (clos:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+mcl (ccl:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+sbcl (sb-mop:class-direct-subclasses class)
#+scl (clos:class-direct-subclasses class))
(defun find-subclass (subclassish class)
(declare (optimize speed))
(labels ((traverse (class)
(dolist (subclass (subclasses class))
(when (string-equal subclassish (symbol-name (class-name subclass)))
(return-from find-subclass subclass))
(traverse subclass))))
(traverse class)))
(defun remf* (plist &rest excluded-keys)
(loop for (k v) on plist by #'cddr
for include-p = (not (find k excluded-keys))
when include-p collect k
when include-p collect v))