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This file is a part of lichat
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.lichat.protocol)
(defun print-sexpr-list (list stream)
(write-char #\( stream)
(loop for (item . rest) on list
do (print-sexpr item stream)
(when rest (write-char #\ stream)))
(write-char #\) stream)))
(defun print-sexpr-string (string stream)
(write-char #\" stream)
(loop for char across string
unless (char= char (code-char 0))
do (when (or (char= char #\") (char= char #\\))
(write-char #\\ stream))
(write-char char stream))
(write-char #\" stream)))
(defun print-sexpr-number (number stream)
(etypecase number
(integer (format stream "~d" number))
(float (format stream "~f" number))))
(defun print-sexpr-token (token stream symbol)
(loop for char across token
do (when (char= char (code-char 0))
(error 'null-in-symbol-designator :symbol-designator (cons (package-name (symbol-package symbol))
(symbol-name symbol))))
(when (find char "\\\"():0123456789. #")
(write-char #\\ stream))
(write-char (char-downcase char) stream)))
(defun print-sexpr-symbol (sexpr stream)
(case (symbol-package sexpr)
(#.(find-package :keyword)
(write-char #\: stream))
(write-char #\# stream)
(write-char #\: stream))
(print-sexpr-token (package-name (symbol-package sexpr)) stream sexpr)
(write-char #\: stream)))
(print-sexpr-token (symbol-name sexpr) stream sexpr))
(defun print-sexpr (sexpr stream)
(typecase sexpr
(list (print-sexpr-list sexpr stream))
(string (print-sexpr-string sexpr stream))
(real (print-sexpr-number sexpr stream))
(symbol (print-sexpr-symbol sexpr stream))
(T (error 'unprintable-object :object sexpr)))