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This file is a part of lichat
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.lichat.protocol)
(defvar *id-counter* (random (get-universal-time) (make-random-state T)))
(defparameter *default-profile-lifetime* (* 60 60 24 30))
(defparameter *default-channel-lifetime* (* 60 60 24 30))
(defparameter *default-regular-channel-permissions*
'((permissions :registrant)
(join T)
(leave T)
(kick :registrant)
(pull T)
(message T)
(users T)
(channels T)
(backfill T)
(data T)))
(defparameter *default-anonymous-channel-permissions*
(leave T)
(kick :registrant)
(pull T)
(message T)
(backfill T)
(data T)))
(defparameter *default-primary-channel-permissions*
'((permissions :registrant)
(create T)
(join T)
(kick :registrant)
(message :registrant)
(users T)
(channels T)
(backfill :registrant)
(data :registrant)
(emotes T)
(emote :registrant)))
(deftype wireable ()
`(or real string cons symbol wire-object))
(defun valid-name-char-p (c)
(or (char= #\Space c)
(let ((category (char #+sbcl (symbol-name (sb-unicode:general-category c))
#-sbcl (cl-unicode:general-category c) 0)))
(not (or (char= category #\Z)
(char= category #\C))))))
(defun username-p (name)
(and (stringp name)
(<= 1 (length name) 32)
(every #'valid-name-char-p name)
(char/= #\Space (char name 0))
(char/= #\Space (char name (1- (length name))))))
(deftype username ()
`(satisfies username-p))
(defun channelname-p (name)
(username-p name))
(deftype channelname ()
`(satisfies channelname-p))
(defun password-p (pass)
(and (stringp pass)
(<= 6 (length pass))))
(deftype password ()
`(satisfies password-p))
(defun id-p (id)
(not (null id)))
(deftype id ()
`(satisfies id-p))
(defun next-id ()
(incf *id-counter*))
(defun protocol-version ()
(asdf:find-system :lichat-protocol)))
(defmacro define-protocol-class (name direct-superclasses direct-slots &rest options)
`(define-typed-class ,name ,direct-superclasses ,direct-slots ,@options))
(defun maybe-sval (object slot)
(if (slot-boundp object slot)
(slot-value object slot)
;; Server-side objects
(define-protocol-class server-object ()
(define-protocol-class named-object ()
((name :initarg :name :accessor name)))
(defmethod print-object ((object named-object) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (object stream :type T :identity T)
(format stream "~a" (maybe-sval object 'name))))
(define-protocol-class profile (named-object server-object)
((name :slot-type username)
(lifetime :initarg :lifetime :accessor lifetime :slot-type (integer 0)))
:lifetime *default-profile-lifetime*))
(define-protocol-class user (named-object server-object)
((name :slot-type username)
(connections :initarg :connections :accessor connections :slot-type list)
(channels :initarg :channels :accessor channels :slot-type list))
:connections ()
:channels ()))
(define-protocol-class connection (server-object)
((user :initarg :user :accessor user :slot-type (or null user)))
:user NIL))
(defmethod print-object ((connection connection) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (connection stream :type T)
(if (user connection)
(format stream "~a/~d"
(name (user connection))
(position connection (connections (user connection))))
(format stream "[unassociated]"))))
(define-protocol-class channel (named-object server-object)
((name :slot-type channelname)
(permissions :initarg :permissions :accessor permissions :slot-type list)
(lifetime :initarg :lifetime :accessor lifetime :slot-type (integer 0))
(users :initarg :users :accessor users :slot-type list))
:permissions ()
:lifetime *default-channel-lifetime*
:users ()))
;; Updates
(define-protocol-class wire-object ()
(define-protocol-class update (wire-object)
((id :initarg :id :accessor id :slot-type id)
(clock :initarg :clock :accessor clock :slot-type integer)
(from :initarg :from :accessor from :slot-type username))
:id (next-id)
:clock (get-universal-time)))
(defmethod print-object ((update update) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (update stream :type T)
(format stream "~s ~a ~s ~a" :from (maybe-sval update 'from)
:id (maybe-sval update 'id))))
(define-protocol-class ping (update)
(define-protocol-class pong (update)
(define-protocol-class connect (update)
((password :initarg :password :accessor password :slot-type (or null password))
(version :initarg :version :accessor version :slot-type string)
(extensions :initarg :extensions :accessor extensions :slot-type list))
:password NIL
:version (protocol-version)
:extensions ()))
(define-protocol-class disconnect (update)
(define-protocol-class register (update)
((password :initarg :password :accessor password :slot-type password)))
(define-protocol-class channel-update (update)
((channel :initarg :channel :accessor channel :slot-type channelname)))
(defmethod print-object ((update channel-update) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (update stream :type T)
(format stream "~s ~a ~s ~a ~s ~a"
:from (maybe-sval update 'from)
:channel (maybe-sval update 'channel)
:id (maybe-sval update 'id))))
(define-protocol-class target-update (update)
((target :initarg :target :accessor target :slot-type username)))
(defmethod print-object ((update target-update) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (update stream :type T)
(format stream "~s ~a ~s ~a ~s ~a"
:from (maybe-sval update 'from)
:target (maybe-sval update 'target)
:id (maybe-sval update 'id))))
(define-protocol-class text-update (update)
((text :initarg :text :accessor text :slot-type string)))
(defmethod print-object ((update text-update) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (update stream :type T)
(format stream "~s ~a ~s ~a ~s ~s" :from (maybe-sval update 'from)
:id (maybe-sval update 'id)
:text (maybe-sval update 'text))))
(define-protocol-class join (channel-update)
(define-protocol-class leave (channel-update)
(define-protocol-class create (channel-update)
((channel :initarg :channel :accessor channel :slot-type (or null channelname)))
(:default-initargs :channel NIL))
(define-protocol-class kick (channel-update target-update)
(define-protocol-class pull (channel-update target-update)
(define-protocol-class permissions (channel-update)
((permissions :initarg :permissions :accessor permissions :slot-type list))
(:default-initargs :permissions NIL))
(define-protocol-class message (channel-update text-update)
(define-protocol-class users (channel-update)
((users :initarg :users :accessor users :slot-type list))
(:default-initargs :users ()))
(define-protocol-class channels (update)
((channels :initarg :channels :accessor channels :slot-type list))
(:default-initargs :channels ()))
(define-protocol-class user-info (target-update)
((registered :initarg :registered :accessor registered :slot-type boolean)
(connections :initarg :connections :accessor connections :slot-type (integer 1)))
(:default-initargs :registered NIL :connections 1))
(define-protocol-class backfill (channel-update)
(define-protocol-class data (channel-update)
((content-type :initarg :content-type :accessor content-type :slot-type string)
(filename :initarg :filename :accessor filename :slot-type (or null string))
(payload :initarg :payload :accessor payload :slot-type string))
(:default-initargs :file-name NIL))
(define-protocol-class emotes (update)
((names :initarg :names :accessor names :slot-type list))
(:default-initargs :names NIL))
(define-protocol-class emote (update)
((content-type :initarg :content-type :accessor content-type :slot-type string)
(name :initarg :name :accessor name :slot-type string)
(payload :initarg :payload :accessor payload :slot-type string)))
(define-protocol-class edit (message)
;; Errors
(define-protocol-class failure (text-update)
(define-protocol-class malformed-update (failure)
(:default-initargs :text "Update was malformed and could not be parsed."))
(define-protocol-class update-too-long (failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The update was too long and has been dropped."))
(define-protocol-class connection-unstable (failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The connection is unstable. You may be disconnected soon."))
(define-protocol-class too-many-connections (failure)
(:default-initargs :text "There are too many connections for this user or on this server."))
(define-protocol-class update-failure (failure)
((update-id :initarg :update-id :accessor update-id :slot-type id)))
(defmethod print-object ((update update-failure) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (update stream :type T)
(format stream "~s ~a ~s ~a ~s ~a" :from (maybe-sval update 'from)
:id (maybe-sval update 'id)
:update-id (maybe-sval update 'update-id))))
(define-protocol-class invalid-update (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The update class is invalid."))
(define-protocol-class username-mismatch (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The FROM field did not match the known username of the connection."))
(define-protocol-class incompatible-version (update-failure)
((compatible-versions :initarg :compatible-versions :accessor compatible-versions :slot-type cons))
(:default-initargs :text "The server and client versions are not compatible."))
(define-protocol-class invalid-password (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "Invalid username or password."))
(define-protocol-class no-such-profile (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "No such profile could be found."))
(define-protocol-class username-taken (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The requested username is already taken."))
(define-protocol-class no-such-channel (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "No such channel exists on the server."))
(define-protocol-class registration-rejected (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "Your profile registration was rejected."))
(define-protocol-class already-in-channel (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The user is already in the channel."))
(define-protocol-class not-in-channel (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The user is not part of the channel."))
(define-protocol-class channelname-taken (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The requested channelname is already taken."))
(define-protocol-class bad-name (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The specified name is not a valid name."))
(define-protocol-class insufficient-permissions (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "You do not have sufficient permissions to perform the requested action."))
(define-protocol-class invalid-permissions (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The permissions are malformed."))
(define-protocol-class no-such-user (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "The requested user does not exist."))
(define-protocol-class too-many-updates (update-failure)
(:default-initargs :text "You have been sending too many updates and have been throttled."))
(define-protocol-class bad-content-type (update-failure)
((allowed-content-types :initarg :allowed-content-types :accessor allowed-content-types :slot-type list))
(:default-initargs :text "The supplied content type for the data update is not accepted by this server."
:allowed-content-types ()))