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This file is a part of lichat
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.lichat.protocol)
(defun to-wire (wireable stream)
(etypecase wireable
(print-sexpr `(,(class-name (class-of wireable))
,@(loop for slot in (c2mop:class-slots (class-of wireable))
for initarg = (first (c2mop:slot-definition-initargs slot))
when initarg collect initarg
when initarg collect (slot-value wireable (c2mop:slot-definition-name slot))))
(print-sexpr wireable stream)))
(write-char #\Nul stream)
(force-output stream))
(defun check-update-options (sexpr)
(let (id-found clock-found)
(loop for (key val) on (rest sexpr) by #'cddr
do (unless (typep key 'keyword)
(error 'malformed-wire-object :update sexpr))
(case key
(:id (setf id-found T))
(:clock (setf clock-found T))))
(unless id-found
(error 'missing-id :update sexpr))
(unless clock-found
(error 'missing-clock :update sexpr))))
(defun from-wire (stream &optional limit)
(let* ((*read-counter* 0)
(*read-limit* limit)
(sexpr (read-sexpr stream)))
(typecase sexpr
(unless (typep (first sexpr) 'symbol)
(error 'malformed-wire-object :update sexpr))
(let ((class (find-class (first sexpr) NIL)))
(unless class (error 'unknown-wire-object :update sexpr))
(cond ((c2mop:subclassp class (find-class 'update))
(check-update-options sexpr)
(apply #'make-instance (first sexpr) :allow-other-keys T (rest sexpr)))
((c2mop:subclassp class (find-class 'wire-object))
(apply #'make-instance (first sexpr) :allow-other-keys T (rest sexpr)))
(error 'unknown-wire-object :update sexpr)))))
(loop for char = (read-char stream NIL)
until (or (not char) (char= #\Nul char))))))