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About Plaster

This is a paste service application for the Radiance environment. It provides an editor and syntax highlighting for a variety of languages by using CodeMirror. The main features of this application are also subject of the Radiance tutorial where you'll learn how to build Plaster step by step.


  • Public, unlisted, and private pastes
  • Password protection for pastes
  • Syntax highlighting and advanced code editing
  • Public and per-user paste listing
  • Paste annotations and editing
  • Complete REST API

Emacs integration MELPA

Using the plaster.el, you can manage pastes on Plaster directly within Emacs:

  • plaster-login
    If you have a plaster account, use this to log yourself in.
  • plaster-visit
    Opens an existing paste in a buffer
  • plaster-paste-buffer
    Pastes the current buffer to a new paste
  • plaster-paste-region
    Pastes the current region to a new paste
  • plaster-new
    Opens a new buffer for a new paste
  • plaster-annotate
    Create an annotation for the current paste (C-x C-a)
  • plaster-save
    Save the current buffer as a paste (C-x C-s)
  • plaster-delete
    Delete the current buffer's paste (C-x C-k)

The keybindings are for when you're in a buffer with plaster-mode active. When you create a new paste, the URL is automatically placed into your kill-ring.

You can also use the customize-group plaster to edit some settings:

  • plaster-root
    The root URL for the Plaster server if you're hosting your own instance.
  • plaster-session-token
    The token for the Radiance session that authenticates you.
  • plaster-type-mode-map
    A map that decides which Emacs mode to use for which paste types.

Demo Setup

An existing Plaster installation is publicly available at


A pasting service web-application for Radiance




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