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This file is a part of Radiance
(c) 2014 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.radiance.core)
(define-interface admin
(define-resource-locator page (&optional category panel &rest args))
(defun list-panels ())
(defun remove-panel (category name))
(defmacro define-panel (category name options &body body))
(define-option-type panel))
(define-interface auth
(defvar *login-timeout* (* 60 60 24 365))
(define-resource-locator page (name &rest args))
(defun current (&optional default session))
(defun associate (user &optional session))
(define-hook associate (session)))
(define-interface ban
(defun jail (ip &key duration))
(defun list ())
(defun jail-time (&optional (ip (remote *request*))))
(defun release (ip)))
(define-interface cache
(defun get (name &optional variant))
(defun renew (name &optional variant))
(defmacro with-cache ((name &optional variant) test-form &body request-generator)))
(define-interface (database db)
(define-condition condition (radiance-condition)
((database :initarg :database :initform (error "DATABASE required."))))
(define-condition connection-failed (error condition)
(define-condition connection-already-open (warning condition)
(define-condition collection-condition (condition)
((collection :initarg :collection :initform (error "COLLECTION required."))))
(define-condition invalid-collection (error collection-condition)
(define-condition collection-already-exists (error collection-condition)
(define-condition invalid-field (error condition)
((field :initarg :field :initform (error "FIELD required."))))
(deftype id ())
(defun ensure-id (id-ish))
(defun connect (database-name))
(defun disconnect ())
(defun connected-p ())
(defun collections ())
(defun collection-exists-p (collection))
(defun create (collection structure &key indices (if-exists :ignore)))
(defun structure (collection))
(defun empty (collection))
(defun drop (collection))
(defun iterate (collection query function &key fields (skip 0) amount sort unique accumulate))
(defun select (collection query &key fields (skip 0) amount sort unique))
(defun count (collection query))
(defun insert (collection data))
(defun remove (collection query &key (skip 0) amount sort))
(defun update (collection query data &key (skip 0) amount sort))
(defmacro with-transaction (() &body body))
(defmacro query (query-form))
(define-hook-switch connected disconnected (name)))
(define-interface (logger l)
(defun log (level category log-string &rest format-args))
(defun trace (category log-string &rest format-args))
(defun debug (category log-string &rest format-args))
(defun info (category log-string &rest format-args))
(defun warn (category log-string &rest format-args))
(defun error (category log-string &rest format-args))
(defun severe (category log-string &rest format-args))
(defun fatal (category log-string &rest format-args)))
(define-interface mail
(defun send (to subject message))
(define-hook send (to subject message)))
(define-interface profile
(define-resource-locator page (user &optional tab))
(defun avatar (user size))
(defun name (user))
(defun fields ())
(defun add-field (name &key (type :text) default (editable T)))
(defun remove-field (name))
(defun list-panels ())
(defun remove-panel (name))
(defmacro define-panel (name options &body body))
(define-option-type panel))
(define-interface rate
(defmacro define-limit (name (time-left &key (timeout 60) (limit 1)) &body on-limit-exceeded))
(defun left (rate &key (ip (remote *request*))))
(defmacro with-limitation ((limit) &body body)))
(define-interface server
(defun start (name &key))
(defun stop (name))
(defun listeners ())
(define-hook-switch started stopped (name &key)))
(define-interface session
(defvar *default-timeout* (* 60 60 24))
(defclass session () ())
(defun = (session-a session-b))
(defun start ())
(defun get (&optional session-id))
(defun list ())
(defun id (&optional session))
(defun field (session/field &optional field))
(defun (setf field) (value session/field &optional field))
(defun timeout (&optional session))
(defun (setf timeout) (seconds &optional session))
(defun end (&optional session))
(defun active-p (&optional session))
(define-hook create (session)))
(define-interface user
(define-condition condition (radiance-condition)
(define-condition not-found (error condition)
((name :initarg :name :initform (error "NAME required."))))
(defclass user () ())
(defun = (user-a user-b))
(defun list ())
(defun get (username/id &key (if-does-not-exist NIL)))
(defun id (user))
(defun username (user))
(defun fields (user))
(defun field (field user))
(defun (setf field) (value field user))
(defun remove-field (field user))
(defun remove (user))
(defun check (user branch))
(defun grant (user &rest branches))
(defun revoke (user &rest branches))
(defun add-default-permissions (&rest branch))
(define-hook create (user))
(define-hook remove (user))
(define-hook-switch ready unready ()))