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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(define-subject camera (located-entity)
((near-plane :initarg :near-plane :accessor near-plane)
(far-plane :initarg :far-plane :accessor far-plane))
:name :camera
:location (vec 0 30 200)
:near-plane 1f0
:far-plane 1000000.0f0))
(define-generic-handler (camera project-view tick -100))
(define-generic-handler (camera setup-perspective resize))
(defmethod (setf near-plane) :after (val (camera camera))
(setup-perspective camera))
(defmethod (setf far-plane) :after (val (camera camera))
(setup-perspective camera))
(defmethod paint :around ((camera camera) target))
(defmethod setup-perspective :before ((camera camera) ev)
(reset-matrix *projection-matrix*))
(defmethod project-view :before ((camera camera) ev)
(define-subject 2d-camera (camera)
:near-plane 0.0
:far-plane 100.0
:location (vec 0 0 200)))
(defmethod setup-perspective ((camera 2d-camera) ev)
(orthographic-projection 0 (width ev) 0 (height ev)
(near-plane camera) (far-plane camera)))
(defmethod project-view ((camera 2d-camera) ev)
(reset-matrix *view-matrix*)
(translate (v- (location camera)) *view-matrix*))
(define-subject sidescroll-camera (2d-camera)
((zoom :initarg :zoom :accessor zoom)
(target :initarg :target :accessor target))
:zoom 1.0
:target NIL))
(defmethod project-view ((camera sidescroll-camera) ev)
(let ((z (zoom camera)))
(reset-matrix *view-matrix*)
(scale-by z z z *view-matrix*)
(translate (v- (location camera) (location (target camera))) *view-matrix*)))
(define-subject 3d-camera (camera)
((fov :initarg :fov :accessor fov))
:fov 75))
(defmethod (setf fov) :after (val (camera 3d-camera))
(setup-perspective camera))
(defmethod setup-perspective ((camera 3d-camera) ev)
(perspective-projection (fov camera) (/ (width ev) (max 1 (height ev)))
(near-plane camera) (far-plane camera)))
(define-subject target-camera (3d-camera)
((target :initarg :target :accessor target)
(up :initarg :up :accessor up))
:target (vec 0 0 0)
:up (vec 0 1 0)))
(defmethod project-view ((camera target-camera) ev)
(look-at (location camera) (target camera) (up camera)))
(define-subject pivot-camera (target-camera)
:target NIL))
(defmethod project-view ((camera pivot-camera) ev)
(when (target camera)
(look-at (location camera)
(location (target camera))
(up camera))))
(define-subject following-camera (target-camera)
:target NIL))
(defmethod project-view ((camera following-camera) ev)
(when (target camera)
(look-at (v+ (location camera)
(location (target camera)))
(location (target camera))
(up camera))))
(define-subject fps-camera (3d-camera)
((rotation :initarg :rotation :accessor rotation)
(acceleration :initarg :acceleration :accessor acceleration)
(x-inverted :initarg :x-inverted :accessor x-inverted)
(y-inverted :initarg :y-inverted :accessor y-inverted))
:rotation (vec 0 0 0)
:acceleration 0.01
:x-inverted NIL
:y-inverted NIL))
(defmethod project-view ((camera fps-camera) ev)
(reset-matrix (view-matrix))
(rotate +vx+ (vx (rotation camera)) (view-matrix))
(rotate +vy+ (vy (rotation camera)) (view-matrix))
(translate (v- (the vec3 (location camera))) (view-matrix)))
(defun do-fps-movement (camera old-pos pos)
(let ((delta (v- pos old-pos)))
(when (x-inverted camera) (setf (vx delta) (- (vx delta))))
(when (y-inverted camera) (setf (vy delta) (- (vy delta))))
(nv+ (rotation camera) (nv* (vyx_ delta)
(acceleration camera)))
(nvmod (rotation camera) (* 2 PI))))
(define-handler (fps-camera mouse-move) (ev old-pos pos)
(do-fps-movement fps-camera old-pos pos))
(define-subject freeroam-camera (fps-camera)
((move-speed :initarg :move-speed :accessor move-speed))
:move-speed 1))
(define-handler (freeroam-camera tick) (ev)
(let* ((loc (location freeroam-camera))
(rot (rotation freeroam-camera))
(speed (* (move-speed freeroam-camera)
(if (retained 'key :left-shift) 5 1)
(if (retained 'key :left-alt) 5 1))))
(cond ((retained 'key :a)
(decf (vx loc) (* speed (cos (vy rot))))
(decf (vz loc) (* speed (sin (vy rot)))))
((retained 'key :d)
(incf (vx loc) (* speed (cos (vy rot))))
(incf (vz loc) (* speed (sin (vy rot))))))
(cond ((retained 'key :w)
(incf (vx loc) (* speed (sin (vy rot))))
(decf (vz loc) (* speed (cos (vy rot))))
(decf (vy loc) (* speed (sin (vx rot)))))
((retained 'key :s)
(decf (vx loc) (* speed (sin (vy rot))))
(incf (vz loc) (* speed (cos (vy rot))))
(incf (vy loc) (* speed (sin (vx rot))))))
(cond ((retained 'key :space)
(incf (vy loc) speed))
((retained 'key :c)
(decf (vy loc) speed)))))
(define-subject editor-camera (freeroam-camera)
(define-handler (editor-camera mouse-move) (ev old-pos pos)
(when (or (retained 'mouse :middle)
(retained 'key :left-control))
(do-fps-movement editor-camera old-pos pos)))