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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defvar *context* NIL)
(defmacro with-context ((context &key force reentrant) &body body)
(let* ((cont (gensym "CONTEXT"))
(thunk (gensym "THUNK"))
(acquiring-body `(progn
(acquire-context ,cont :force ,force)
(release-context ,cont :reentrant ,reentrant)))))
`(let ((,cont ,context))
(flet ((,thunk ()
,(if reentrant
`(if (current-p ,cont)
(let ((*context* ,cont))
(defun launch-with-context (&optional main &rest initargs)
(apply #'make-instance main initargs))
(defun make-context (&optional handler &rest initargs)
(declare (ignore handler initargs))
(error "No context implementation is present.~%~
Please load a Trial backend."))
(defclass context ()
((current-thread :initform NIL :accessor current-thread)
(waiting :initform 0 :accessor context-waiting)
(lock :initform (bt:make-lock "Context lock") :reader context-lock)
(wait-lock :initform (bt:make-lock "Context wait lock") :reader context-wait-lock)
(resources :initform (make-hash-table :test 'eq) :accessor resources)
(handler :initarg :handler :accessor handler)
(shared-with :initarg :share-with :reader shared-with))
:title "Trial"
:width 800
:height 600
:version '(3 3)
:profile :core
:double-buffering T
:stereo-buffer NIL
:vsync :off
:share-with NIL
:handler NIL))
(defmethod print-object ((context context) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (context stream :type T :identity T)))
(defmethod reinitialize-instance :after ((context context) &key)
(with-context (context)
(destroy-context context)
(create-context context)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((context context) &key)
(release-context context))
(defgeneric create-context (context))
(defgeneric destroy-context (context))
(defgeneric valid-p (context))
(defgeneric make-current (context))
(defgeneric current-p (context &optional thread))
(defgeneric done-current (context))
(defgeneric hide (context))
(defgeneric show (context &key fullscreen))
(defgeneric resize (context width height))
(defgeneric quit (context))
(defgeneric swap-buffers (context))
(defgeneric show-cursor (context))
(defgeneric hide-cursor (context))
(defgeneric lock-cursor (context))
(defgeneric unlock-cursor (context))
(defgeneric title (context))
(defgeneric (setf title) (value context))
(defgeneric width (context))
(defgeneric height (context))
(defgeneric profile (context))
(defgeneric version (context))
(defmethod finalize ((context context))
(destroy-context context)
(defmethod destroy-context :around ((context context))
(when (valid-p context)
(with-context (context :force T)
(v:info :trial.context "Destroying context.")
(hide context)
(loop for resource being the hash-values of (resources context)
do (when (allocated-p resource) (deallocate resource)))
(clrhash (resources context))
(setf *context* NIL))))
(defmethod create-context :around ((context context))
(unless (valid-p context)
(v:info :trial.context "Recreated context successfully.")
(make-current context)
(context-note-debug-info context)
(show context)))
(defmethod current-p ((context context) &optional (thread (bt:current-thread)))
(eql thread (current-thread context)))
(defmethod acquire-context ((context context) &key force)
(let ((current (current-thread context))
(this (bt:current-thread)))
(when (or force (not (eql this current)))
(cond ((and force current)
(v:warn :trial.context "~a stealing ~a from ~a." this context current))
(bt:with-lock-held ((context-wait-lock context))
(incf (context-waiting context))
(v:info :trial.context "~a waiting to acquire ~a (~a in queue)..." this context (context-waiting context)))
(bt:acquire-lock (context-lock context))
(bt:with-lock-held ((context-wait-lock context))
(decf (context-waiting context)))))
(bt:acquire-lock (context-lock context))))
(unless (valid-p context)
(error "Attempting to acquire invalid context ~a" context))
(v:info :trial.context "~a acquiring ~a." this context)
(setf (current-thread context) this)
(setf *context* context)
(make-current context))))
(defmethod release-context ((context context) &key reentrant)
(let ((current (current-thread context))
(this (bt:current-thread)))
(when (and (eql this current)
(or (not reentrant) (< 0 (context-waiting context))))
(cond ((eql *context* context)
(v:info :trial.context "~a releasing ~a." this context)
(setf (current-thread context) NIL)
(when (valid-p context)
(done-current context))
(bt:release-lock (context-lock context))
(setf *context* NIL))
(v:warn :trial.context "~a attempted to release ~a even though ~a is active."
this context *context*))))))
(defclass resize (event)
((width :initarg :width :reader width)
(height :initarg :height :reader height)))
(defclass gain-focus (event)
(defclass lose-focus (event)
(defmethod describe-object :after ((context context) stream)
(context-info context stream))
(defun context-info (context stream)
(format stream "~&~%Running GL~a.~a ~a~%~
Sample buffers: ~a (~a sample~:p)~%~
Max texture size: ~a~%~
Max texture units: ~a ~a ~a ~a ~a ~a~%~
GL Vendor: ~a~%~
GL Renderer: ~a~%~
GL Version: ~a~%~
GL Shader Language: ~a~%~
GL Extensions: ~{~a~^ ~}~%"
(gl-property :major-version)
(gl-property :minor-version)
(profile context)
(gl-property :sample-buffers)
(gl-property :samples)
(gl-property :max-texture-size)
(gl-property :max-vertex-texture-image-units)
;; Fuck you, GL, and your stupid legacy crap.
(gl-property :max-texture-image-units)
(gl-property :max-tess-control-texture-image-units)
(gl-property :max-tess-evaluation-texture-image-units)
(gl-property :max-geometry-texture-image-units)
(gl-property :max-compute-texture-image-units)
(gl-property :vendor)
(gl-property :renderer)
(gl-property :version)
(gl-property :shading-language-version)
(loop for i from 0 below (gl:get* :num-extensions)
collect (gl:get-string-i :extensions i)))))
(defun context-note-debug-info (context)
(v:debug :trial.context "Context information: ~a"
(let ((*print-right-margin* 1000)) ; SBCL fails otherwise. Huh?
(with-output-to-string (out)
(context-info context out)))))