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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(define-action system-action ())
(define-action save-game (system-action)
(key-press (eql key :f2)))
(define-action load-game (system-action)
(key-press (eql key :f3)))
(define-action reload-scene (system-action)
(key-press (eql key :f6)))
(define-action quit-game (system-action)
(key-press (and (eql key :q) (find :control modifiers))))
(define-action toggle-overlay (system-action)
(key-press (one-of key :section :grave)))
(define-asset (trial noto-sans) font
(define-asset (trial noto-mono) font
(define-subject controller ()
((display :initform NIL :accessor display)
(text :initform (make-instance 'text :font (asset 'trial 'noto-mono) :size 18) :accessor text)
(fps-buffer :initform (make-array 100 :fill-pointer T :initial-element 1))
(show-overlay :initform NIL :accessor show-overlay))
:name :controller))
(defmethod compute-resources ((controller controller) resources readying cache)
(compute-resources (text controller) resources readying cache))
(defmethod register-object-for-pass :after (pass (controller controller))
(register-object-for-pass pass (text controller)))
(define-handler (controller toggle-overlay) (ev)
(setf (show-overlay controller) (not (show-overlay controller))))
(define-handler (controller tick) (ev tt)
(when (and (show-overlay controller)
(multiple-value-bind (gfree gtotal) (gpu-room)
(multiple-value-bind (cfree ctotal) (cpu-room)
(with-slots (fps-buffer text) controller
(when (= (array-total-size fps-buffer) (fill-pointer fps-buffer))
(setf (fill-pointer fps-buffer) 0))
;; FIXME: Yeesh. Don't like these (handler *context*) accesses.
(vector-push (if (= 0 (frame-time (handler *context*))) 1 (/ (frame-time (handler *context*)))) fps-buffer)
(setf (vy (location text))
(- -5 (getf (text-extent text "a") :t)))
(setf (vx (location text)) 5)
(setf (text text) (format NIL "TIME [s]: ~8,2f~%~
FPS [Hz]: ~8,2f~%~
RAM [KB]: ~8d (~2d%)~%~
VRAM [KB]: ~8d (~2d%)~%~
(clock (scene (display controller)))
(/ (loop for i from 0 below (array-total-size fps-buffer)
sum (aref fps-buffer i))
(array-total-size fps-buffer))
(- ctotal cfree) (floor (/ (- ctotal cfree) ctotal 0.01))
(- gtotal gfree) (floor (/ (- gtotal gfree) gtotal 0.01))
(hash-table-count (resources *context*)))))))))
(defmethod paint ((controller controller) target)
(when (show-overlay controller)
(with-pushed-matrix ((*projection-matrix* :zero)
(*model-matrix* :identity)
(*view-matrix* :identity))
(orthographic-projection 0 (width *context*)
0 (height *context*)
0 10)
(translate-by 0 (height *context*) 0)
(paint (text controller) target))))
(define-handler (controller quit-game) (ev)
(quit *context*))
(define-handler (controller mapping T 100) (ev)
(map-event ev *scene*)
(retain-event ev))
(define-handler (controller reload-scene reload-scene 99) (ev)
(let ((old (scene (display controller))))
(change-scene (display controller) (make-instance (type-of old) :clock (clock old)))))
(defclass load-request (event)
((asset :initarg :asset)
(action :initarg :action :initform 'reload)))
(define-handler (controller load-request) (ev asset action)
(ecase action
(deallocate (deallocate asset))
(load (load asset))
(reload (reload asset))))
(defun maybe-reload-scene (&optional (window (list-windows)))
(dolist (window (enlist window))
(issue (scene window) 'reload-scene)))