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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defgeneric add-handler (handler handler-container))
(defgeneric remove-handler (handler handler-container))
(defgeneric handle (event handler))
(defclass handler-container ()
((handlers :initform () :accessor handlers)))
(defmethod add-handler (handler (container handler-container))
(setf (handlers container)
(sort (cons handler (delete handler (handlers container) :test #'matches))
#'> :key #'priority)))
(defmethod add-handler ((handlers list) (container handler-container))
(let ((handlers (copy-list handlers)))
(loop for cons on (handlers container)
for handler = (find (car cons) handlers :test #'matches)
do (when handler
(setf (car cons) handler)
(setf handlers (delete handler handlers))))
(setf (handlers container) (sort (nconc handlers (handlers container)) #'> :key #'priority)))
;; Default priority
(defmethod priority (object)
(defmethod add-handler ((source handler-container) (container handler-container))
(add-handler (handlers source) container)
(defmethod remove-handler (handler (container handler-container))
(setf (handlers container)
(delete handler (handlers container) :test #'matches))
(defmethod remove-handler ((handlers list) (container handler-container))
(setf (handlers container) (delete-if (lambda (el)
(find el handlers :test #'matches))
(handlers container)))
(defmethod remove-handler ((source handler-container) (container handler-container))
(remove-handler (handlers source) container))
(defmethod handle (event (container handler-container))
(dolist (handler (handlers container))
(handle event handler)))
(defmethod handle :around (event handler)
(with-simple-restart (abort "Don't handle ~a in ~a." event handler)
(defclass event-loop (handler-container)
((queue :initform (make-array 0 :initial-element NIL :adjustable T :fill-pointer T) :reader queue)
(queue-index :initform 0 :accessor queue-index)))
(defun issue (loop event-type &rest args)
(let ((event (etypecase event-type
(event event-type)
((or class symbol)
(apply #'make-instance event-type args)))))
(vector-push-extend event (queue loop))))
(define-compiler-macro issue (&environment env loop event-type &rest args)
(cond ((and (constantp event-type env)
(listp event-type)
(eql (first event-type) 'quote)
(symbolp (second event-type)))
`(vector-push-extend (make-instance ,event-type ,@args) (queue ,loop)))
(let ((eventg (gensym "EVENT")))
`(let* ((,eventg ,event-type)
(,eventg (etypecase ,eventg
(event ,eventg)
((or class symbol)
(make-instance ,eventg ,@args)))))
(vector-push-extend ,eventg (queue ,loop)))))))
;; FIXME: This will forget events if PROCESS or DISCARD-EVENTS is called
;; recursively (thus resetting the index) and new events are issued
;; beyond the point of the index where the recursive call happens.
;; The check will assume nothing has changed and it'll continue from
;; where it left off, thus missing events before the current index.
(defmethod process ((loop event-loop))
(loop for i = (1- (incf (queue-index loop)))
while (< i (length (queue loop)))
do (let ((event (aref (queue loop) i)))
(when event
(handle event loop)
(setf (aref (queue loop) i) NIL))))
(setf (fill-pointer (queue loop)) 0
(queue-index loop) 0))
(defun discard-events (loop)
(loop for i = (1- (incf (queue-index loop)))
while (< i (length (queue loop)))
do (setf (aref (queue loop) i) NIL))
(setf (fill-pointer (queue loop)) 0
(queue-index loop) 0))
(defmethod handle (event (loop event-loop))
(with-simple-restart (skip-event "Skip handling the event entirely.")
;; Force adding the loop directly.
(defmethod add-handler ((loop event-loop) (container handler-container))
(setf (handlers container) (cons loop (delete loop (handlers container) :test #'matches)))
(defmethod remove-handler ((loop event-loop) (container handler-container))
(setf (handlers container) (delete loop (handlers container) :test #'matches))
(defclass handler (entity)
((event-type :initarg :event-type :accessor event-type)
(delivery-function :initarg :delivery-function :accessor delivery-function)
(priority :initarg :priority :accessor priority))
:event-type 'event
:delivery-function (error "DELIVERY-FUNCTION needed.")
:priority 0))
(defmethod matches ((a handler) (b handler))
(eql (name a) (name b)))
(defmethod handle :around (event (handler handler))
(when (typep event (event-type handler))
(defmethod handle (event (handler handler))
(funcall (delivery-function handler) event))
(defclass event ()
(defclass tick (event)
((tt :initarg :tt :accessor tt)
(dt :initarg :dt :accessor dt)))