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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2017 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defclass geometry ()
((meshes :initform (make-hash-table :test 'eql) :accessor meshes)))
(defgeneric read-geometry (file format &key &allow-other-keys))
(defmethod read-geometry (file (format (eql T)) &rest args)
(apply #'read-geometry file (intern (string-upcase (pathname-type file)) :keyword) args))
(defgeneric write-geometry (geometry file format &key &allow-other-keys))
(defmethod write-geometry (geometry file (format (eql T)) &rest args)
(apply #'write-geometry geometry file (intern (string-upcase (pathname-type file)) :keyword) args))
(defclass sphere-mesh ()
((size :initarg :size :accessor size)))
(defclass vertex-mesh ()
((face-length :initarg :face-length :initform 3 :accessor face-length)
(vertex-type :initform 'vertex :initarg :vertex-type :reader vertex-type)
(faces :initform (make-array 0 :element-type 'fixnum :adjustable T :fill-pointer T) :accessor faces)
(vertices :initform (make-array 0 :adjustable T :fill-pointer T) :accessor vertices)))
(defun push-mesh-vertex (vertex mesh)
(let ((vertices (vertices mesh)))
(vector-push-extend (length vertices) (faces mesh))
(vector-push-extend vertex vertices))
(defmethod add-vertex ((mesh vertex-mesh) &rest initargs)
(push-mesh-vertex (apply #'make-instance (vertex-type mesh) initargs) mesh))
(defmethod triangulate ((mesh vertex-mesh))
(when (< 3 (face-length mesh))
(error "Triangulation is not yet implemented."))
(defmethod check-mesh-valid ((mesh vertex-mesh))
(when (/= 0 (mod (length (faces mesh)) (face-length mesh)))
(error "The number of face indices saved is not even.")))
(defmethod pack ((mesh vertex-mesh))
(check-mesh-valid mesh)
(let* ((vertices (vertices mesh))
(faces (faces mesh))
(new-verts (make-array (floor (length vertices) 2) :adjustable T :fill-pointer 0)))
(loop for position from 0 below (length vertices)
for vertex = (aref vertices position)
for new-pos = (position vertex new-verts :test #'vertex=)
do (unless new-pos
(setf new-pos (fill-pointer new-verts))
(vector-push-extend vertex new-verts))
;; Fix up face index. I feel like this could be done outside the
;; loop somehow to speed this up. For now though-- good nuff.
(loop for i from 0 below (length faces)
do (when (= position (aref faces i))
(setf (aref faces i) new-pos))))
(setf (vertices mesh) new-verts))
(defmacro with-vertex-filling ((mesh &key pack) &body body)
(let ((meshg (gensym "MESH")))
`(let ((,meshg ,mesh))
(flet ((vertex (&rest initargs)
(apply #'add-vertex ,meshg initargs)))
(if ,pack
(pack ,meshg)
(defclass vertex ()
((location :initform (vec 0 0 0) :initarg :position :initarg :location :accessor location :type vec3)))
(declaim (inline fill-vector-data))
(defun fill-vector-data (vec type array &optional (offset 0))
(ecase type
(setf (aref array (+ offset 0)) (vx2 vec))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 1)) (vy2 vec))
(+ offset 2))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 0)) (vx3 vec))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 1)) (vy3 vec))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 2)) (vz3 vec))
(+ offset 3))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 0)) (vx4 vec))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 1)) (vy4 vec))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 2)) (vz4 vec))
(setf (aref array (+ offset 3)) (vw4 vec))
(+ offset 4))))
(defmethod vertex-attribute-size ((vertex vertex) (attribute (eql 'location)))
(defmethod fill-vertex-attribute ((vertex vertex) (attribute (eql 'location)) data offset)
(fill-vector-data (location vertex) 'vec3 data offset))
(defgeneric vertex-attributes (vertex)
(:method-combination append :most-specific-last))
(defmethod vertex-attributes append ((vertex vertex))
(defgeneric vertex= (a b)
(:method-combination and))
(defmethod vertex= and ((a vertex) (b vertex))
(v= (location a) (location b)))
(defclass textured-vertex (vertex)
((uv :initform (vec 0 0) :initarg :uv :initarg :texcoord :accessor uv :type vec2)))
(defmethod vertex= and ((a textured-vertex) (b textured-vertex))
(v= (uv a) (uv b)))
(defmethod vertex-attribute-size ((vertex textured-vertex) (attribute (eql 'uv)))
(defmethod vertex-attributes append ((vertex textured-vertex))
(defmethod fill-vertex-attribute ((vertex textured-vertex) (attribute (eql 'uv)) data offset)
(fill-vector-data (uv vertex) 'vec2 data offset))
(defclass normal-vertex (vertex)
((normal :initform (vec 0 0 0 1) :initarg :normal :accessor normal :type vec3)))
(defmethod vertex= and ((a normal-vertex) (b normal-vertex))
(v= (normal a) (normal b)))
(defmethod vertex-attribute-size ((vertex normal-vertex) (attribute (eql 'normal)))
(defmethod vertex-attributes append ((vertex normal-vertex))
(defmethod fill-vertex-attribute ((vertex normal-vertex) (attribute (eql 'normal)) data offset)
(fill-vector-data (normal vertex) 'vec3 data offset))
(defclass colored-vertex (vertex)
((color :initform (vec 0 0 0 1) :initarg :color :accessor color :type vec4)))
(defmethod vertex= and ((a colored-vertex) (b colored-vertex))
(v= (color a) (color b)))
(defmethod vertex-attribute-size ((vertex colored-vertex) (attribute (eql 'color)))
(defmethod vertex-attributes append ((vertex colored-vertex))
(defmethod fill-vertex-attribute ((vertex colored-vertex) (attribute (eql 'color)) data offset)
(fill-vector-data (color vertex) 'vec4 data offset))
(defclass basic-vertex (normal-vertex textured-vertex)
;;;; Translation
(defmethod update-instance-for-different-class ((mesh vertex-mesh) (array vertex-array) &key (data-usage :static-draw) (attributes T))
(if (< 0 (length (vertices mesh)))
(let* ((vertices (vertices mesh))
(primer (aref vertices 0))
(attributes (etypecase attributes
((eql T) (vertex-attributes primer))
(list attributes)))
(sizes (loop for attr in attributes collect (vertex-attribute-size primer attr)))
(total-size (* (length vertices) (reduce #'+ sizes)))
(buffer (make-static-vector total-size :element-type 'single-float)))
(setf (data-pointer array) NIL)
;; Copy the contents of the mesh into the data buffer, packed.
(loop with buffer-offset = 0
for vertex across vertices
do (dolist (attribute attributes)
(setf buffer-offset (fill-vertex-attribute vertex attribute buffer buffer-offset))))
;; Construct the buffers and specs
(let* ((vbo (make-instance 'vertex-buffer :buffer-data buffer :buffer-type :array-buffer
:data-usage data-usage :element-type :float
:size (* total-size #.(cffi:foreign-type-size :float))))
(ebo (make-instance 'vertex-buffer :buffer-data (faces mesh) :buffer-type :element-array-buffer
:data-usage data-usage :element-type :uint
:size (* total-size #.(cffi:foreign-type-size :uint))))
(specs (loop with stride = (reduce #'+ sizes)
for offset = 0 then (+ offset size)
for size in sizes
for index from 0
collect (list vbo :stride (* stride (cffi:foreign-type-size :float))
:offset (* offset (cffi:foreign-type-size :float))
:size size
:index index))))
(setf (bindings array) (list* ebo specs))
(setf (size array) (length (faces mesh)))))
(setf (bindings array) ()
(size array) 0)))