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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2017 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defclass gl-struct ()
((storage-ptr :initarg :storage-ptr :accessor storage-ptr)))
(defun compound-struct-slot-initform (slot standard storage-ptr)
(case (first (gl-type slot))
(make-instance (second (gl-type slot))))
(destructuring-bind (identifier type count) (gl-type slot)
(declare (ignore identifier))
(if (listp type)
(loop with vector = (make-array count)
with size = (buffer-field-stride (second type) standard)
for i from 0 below count
for offset = (base-offset slot) then (+ offset size)
do (setf (aref vector i) (make-instance (second type)
:storage-ptr storage-ptr
:base-offset offset))
finally (return vector))
(make-instance 'gl-vector
:storage-ptr storage-ptr
:base-offset (base-offset slot)
:element-type type
:element-count count
:stride (buffer-field-stride type standard)))))))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((struct gl-struct) &key base-offset)
(when base-offset (cffi:incf-pointer (storage-ptr struct) base-offset))
;; TODO: optimise with precompiled ctors
(loop with standard = (layout-standard (class-of struct))
for slot in (c2mop:class-slots (class-of struct))
when (and (typep slot 'gl-struct-effective-slot)
(not (typep slot 'gl-struct-immediate-slot)))
do (setf (slot-value struct (c2mop:slot-definition-name slot))
(compound-struct-slot-initform slot standard (storage-ptr struct)))))
(defmethod compute-dependent-types ((struct gl-struct))
(compute-dependent-types (class-of struct)))
(defmethod gl-source ((struct gl-struct))
(gl-source (class-of struct)))
(defclass gl-struct-class (standard-class)
((gl-type :initarg :gl-type :accessor gl-type)
(layout-standard :initarg :layout-standard :initform :std140 :reader layout-standard)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((class gl-struct-class) &key)
(unless (slot-boundp class 'gl-type)
(setf (gl-type class) (cffi:translate-camelcase-name (class-name class)
:upper-initial-p T))))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((a gl-struct-class) (b T)) NIL)
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((a gl-struct-class) (b standard-class)) T)
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((a T) (b gl-struct-class)) NIL)
(defmethod struct-fields ((class gl-struct-class))
(unless (c2mop:class-finalized-p class)
(c2mop:finalize-inheritance class))
(loop for slot in (c2mop:class-slots class)
when (typep slot 'gl-struct-slot)
collect slot))
(defmethod compute-dependent-types ((name symbol))
(compute-dependent-types (find-class name)))
(defmethod compute-dependent-types ((class gl-struct-class))
(let ((deps ()))
(flet ((add (dep)
(setf deps (list* dep (compute-dependent-types dep)))))
(loop for slot in (struct-fields class)
for type = (gl-type slot)
do (when (listp type)
(ecase (first type)
(:struct (add (second type)))
(:array (when (listp (second type))
(add (second (second type))))))))
(delete-duplicates deps))))
(defmethod gl-source ((class gl-struct-class))
,(gl-type class)
,@(mapcar #'gl-source (struct-fields class))))
(defmethod c2mop:compute-slots ((class gl-struct-class))
(let ((slots (call-next-method))
(standard (layout-standard class))
(offset 0))
;; Compute discrete slot offsets.
(loop for slot in slots
when (typep slot 'gl-struct-slot)
do (let ((base (round-to (buffer-field-base (gl-type slot) standard) offset)))
(setf (slot-value slot 'base-offset) base)
(setf offset (+ base (buffer-field-size (gl-type slot) standard base)))))
(defmethod c2mop:finalize-inheritance :after ((class gl-struct-class))
;; FIXME: remove dependents again (how?)
(dolist (field (struct-fields class))
(when (listp (gl-type field))
(ecase (first (gl-type field))
(:struct (c2mop:add-dependent (find-class (second (gl-type field))) class))
(:array (when (listp (second (gl-type field)))
(c2mop:add-dependent (find-class (second (second (gl-type field)))) class)))))))
(defmethod c2mop:update-dependent ((updated gl-struct-class) (dependent gl-struct-class) &rest initargs)
;; If a referenced struct changed, we need to re-finalise in order to recompute field offsets.
(c2mop:finalize-inheritance dependent))
(defmethod buffer-field-base ((class gl-struct-class) (standard (eql :std140)))
(round-to (buffer-field-base :vec4 :std140)
(loop for field in (struct-fields class)
maximize (buffer-field-base (gl-type field) standard))))
(defmethod buffer-field-base ((class gl-struct-class) (standard (eql T)))
(buffer-field-base class (layout-standard class)))
(defmethod buffer-field-size ((class gl-struct-class) standard base)
(round-to (buffer-field-base class standard)
(loop for field in (struct-fields class)
sum (buffer-field-size (gl-type field) standard base))))
(defmethod buffer-field-size ((class gl-struct-class) (standard (eql T)) base)
(buffer-field-size class (layout-standard class) base))
(defmethod buffer-field-stride ((class gl-struct-class) (standard (eql :std140)))
(buffer-field-size class standard 0))
(defmethod buffer-field-stride ((class gl-struct-class) (standard (eql T)))
(buffer-field-stride class (layout-standard class)))
(defvar *indentation* 0)
(defmethod describe-memory-layout ((class gl-struct-class) stream offset standard)
(let ((offset (round-to (buffer-field-base class T) offset)))
(format stream "~5d ~v{ ~} ~a ~64t(~5dB)~%"
offset *indentation* 0 (gl-type class) (buffer-field-size class T offset))
(let ((*indentation* (1+ *indentation*)))
(loop for field in (struct-fields class)
for start = offset then (+ start size)
for size = (describe-memory-layout field stream start standard)))))
(defmethod describe-object :after ((class gl-struct-class) stream)
(format stream "~&~%Memory Layout (~a):~%"
(layout-standard class))
(describe-memory-layout class stream 0 (layout-standard class)))
(defclass gl-struct-slot (c2mop:standard-slot-definition)
((gl-type :initarg :gl-type :accessor gl-type)
(gl-name :initarg :gl-name :accessor gl-name)
(qualifiers :initarg :qualifiers :accessor qualifiers)
(layout :initarg :layout :accessor layout)))
(defmethod c2mop:slot-definition-type ((slot gl-struct-slot))
(if (slot-boundp slot 'gl-type)
(let ((type (gl-type slot)))
(if (listp type)
(ecase (first type)
(:struct (second type))
(:array (if (listp (second type))
(gl-type->cl-type type)))
(defmethod gl-source ((slot gl-struct-slot))
,@(when (layout slot)
,@(loop for id in (enlist (layout slot))
collect `(glsl-toolkit:layout-qualifier-id ,@(enlist id))))))
,@(qualifiers slot))
,@(labels ((translate-type (type)
(etypecase type
(ecase (first type)
(:struct (list (gl-type (find-class (second type)))))
(:array (append (translate-type (second type))
`((glsl-toolkit:array-specifier ,(third type)))))))
(symbol (list type)))))
(translate-type (gl-type slot))))
,(gl-name slot)))
(defmethod describe-memory-layout ((slot gl-struct-slot) stream offset standard)
(let ((size (buffer-field-size (gl-type slot) standard offset)))
(format stream "~5d ~v{ ~} ~a ~a ~64t(~5dB)~%"
offset *indentation* 0 (gl-name slot) (gl-type slot) size)
(when (listp (gl-type slot))
(let ((*indentation* (1+ *indentation*)))
(ecase (first (gl-type slot))
(describe-memory-layout (gl-type slot) stream offset))
(loop repeat (third (gl-type slot))
for start from offset by (buffer-field-stride (second (gl-type slot)) standard)
do (if (listp (second (gl-type slot)))
(describe-memory-layout (find-class (second (second (gl-type slot)))) stream start standard)
(format stream "~5d ~v{ ~} ~a ~64t(~5dB)~%"
start *indentation* 0 (second (gl-type slot)) (buffer-field-size (second (gl-type slot)) standard start))))))))
(defclass gl-struct-direct-slot (gl-struct-slot c2mop:standard-direct-slot-definition)
(defmethod c2mop:direct-slot-definition-class ((class gl-struct-class) &rest _)
(declare (ignore _))
(find-class 'gl-struct-direct-slot))
(defclass gl-struct-effective-slot (gl-struct-slot c2mop:standard-effective-slot-definition)
((base-offset :reader base-offset))
:qualifiers ()
:layout NIL))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((slot gl-struct-effective-slot) &key)
(unless (slot-boundp slot 'gl-name)
(setf (gl-name slot) (cffi:translate-underscore-separated-name
(c2mop:slot-definition-name slot)))))
;;; KLUDGE: Since there's no way to influence the initargs passed to EFFECTIVE-SLOT-DEFINITION-CLASS
;; there's no way for us to actually know which effective slot definition class we need.
;; We are also not allowed to change-class slot definition objects, so we have to use this
;; gross hack here instead.
(defvar *effective-slot-definition-class*
(find-class 'c2mop:standard-effective-slot-definition))
(defmethod c2mop:effective-slot-definition-class ((class gl-struct-class) &rest _)
(declare (ignore _))
;; FIXME: maybe this should be NIL during class initialisation after all so that the
;; slot initform can do its thing.
(defmethod c2mop:slot-boundp-using-class ((class gl-struct-class) (object gl-struct) (slot gl-struct-effective-slot))
(defmethod c2mop:slot-makunbound-using-class ((class gl-struct-class) (object gl-struct) (slot gl-struct-effective-slot))
(error "Cannot unbind struct slots."))
(defmethod c2mop:compute-effective-slot-definition ((class gl-struct-class) name direct-slots)
(let (effective)
(flet ((maybe-init (type)
(unless effective
(let ((*effective-slot-definition-class* (find-class type)))
(setf effective (call-next-method))))))
(dolist (direct direct-slots)
(when (eql name (c2mop:slot-definition-name direct))
(cond ((typep direct 'gl-struct-direct-slot)
(maybe-init 'gl-struct-effective-slot)
;; Copy over slots from the direct definitions.
(flet ((maybe-copy-slots (slots &optional (source direct))
(dolist (slot slots)
(when (and (slot-boundp source slot)
(not (slot-boundp effective slot)))
(setf (slot-value effective slot) (slot-value source slot))))))
(when (and (slot-boundp direct 'gl-type)
(not (slot-boundp effective 'gl-type)))
(setf (slot-value effective 'gl-type) (slot-value direct 'gl-type))
;; Now that we know the type we might have to change class again, so
;; recreate the instance and copy over all known fields.
(when (keywordp (gl-type effective))
(let ((old (shiftf effective NIL)))
(maybe-init 'gl-struct-immediate-slot)
(maybe-copy-slots '(gl-type gl-name qualifiers layout) old))))
(maybe-copy-slots '(gl-name qualifiers layout))))
(maybe-init 'c2mop:standard-effective-slot-definition)))))
;; Check effective slot for completeness.
(when (and (typep effective 'gl-struct-effective-slot)
(not (slot-boundp effective 'gl-type)))
(error (format NIL "The slot ~s on ~s is a struct slot, but no GL-TYPE is specified."
name (class-name class))))
(defclass gl-struct-immediate-slot (gl-struct-effective-slot)
;; TODO: generate optimised accessor functions
(defmethod c2mop:slot-value-using-class ((class gl-struct-class) (struct gl-struct) (slot gl-struct-immediate-slot))
(gl-memref (cffi:inc-pointer (storage-ptr struct) (base-offset slot))
(gl-type slot)))
(defmethod (setf c2mop:slot-value-using-class) (value (class gl-struct-class) (struct gl-struct) (slot gl-struct-immediate-slot))
(setf (gl-memref (cffi:inc-pointer (storage-ptr struct) (base-offset slot))
(gl-type slot))
(defmethod c2mop:slot-definition-allocation ((slot gl-struct-immediate-slot))
;; FIXME: Figure out direct accessor functions
(defmacro define-gl-struct (name &body slots)
`(defclass ,name (gl-struct)
,(loop for (slot type . args) in slots
collect (list* slot :gl-type type args))
(:metaclass gl-struct-class)))
;;; Only for primitive types.
;;; FIXME: factor out into trivial-* library
(defclass gl-vector (#+(or abcl sbcl) sequence)
((storage-ptr :initarg :storage-ptr :accessor storage-ptr)
(element-count :initarg :element-count :reader sb-sequence:length)
(element-type :initarg :element-type :reader element-type)
(stride :initarg :stride :accessor stride)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((vector gl-vector) &key base-offset)
(when base-offset (cffi:incf-pointer (storage-ptr vector) base-offset)))
(defmethod print-object ((vector gl-vector) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (vector stream :type T :identity T)
(format stream "~s ~s" (element-type vector) (length vector))))
(defmethod sb-sequence:elt ((vector gl-vector) index)
(gl-memref (cffi:inc-pointer (storage-ptr vector)
(* index (stride vector)))
(element-type vector)))
(defmethod (setf sb-sequence:elt) (value (vector gl-vector) index)
(setf (gl-memref (cffi:inc-pointer (storage-ptr vector)
(* index (stride vector)))
(element-type vector))
(defmethod sb-sequence:make-sequence-iterator ((vector gl-vector) &key from-end start end)
(let* ((start (or start 0))
(end (or end (sb-sequence:length vector)))
(state (if from-end (1- end) start))
(limit (if from-end (1- start) end))
(ptr (storage-ptr vector))
(type (element-type vector))
(stride (stride vector)))
(values state limit from-end
(if from-end
(lambda (vector state from-end)
(declare (ignore vector from-end))
(1- state))
(lambda (vector state from-end)
(declare (ignore vector from-end))
(1+ state)))
(lambda (vector state limit from-end)
(declare (ignore vector from-end))
(= state limit))
(lambda (vector state)
(declare (ignore vector))
(gl-memref (cffi:inc-pointer ptr (* state stride))
(lambda (value vector state)
(declare (ignore vector))
(setf (gl-memref (cffi:inc-pointer ptr (* state stride))
(lambda (vector state)
(declare (ignore vector))
(lambda (vector state)
(declare (ignore vector))
;;; FIXME: Add a way to allow SHARED and PACKED layouts.
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