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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2017 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defgeneric compute-resources (object resource-vector readying-vector traversal-cache))
(defgeneric bake (bakable))
(defgeneric baked-p (bakable))
(defgeneric resources-ready (readying))
(defgeneric transition (from to))
(defgeneric dependencies (resource))
(defun compute-resources-for (thing)
(let ((resources (make-array 0 :adjustable T :fill-pointer T))
(readying (make-array 0 :adjustable T :fill-pointer T)))
(compute-resources thing resources readying (make-hash-table :test 'eq))
(values resources readying)))
(defmethod dependencies ((resource resource))
(defmethod compute-resources :around (object resources readying (cache hash-table))
(unless (gethash object cache)
(setf (gethash object cache) T)
(defmethod compute-resources ((anything T) resources readying cache))
(defmethod compute-resources ((cons cons) resources readying cache)
(compute-resources (car cons) resources readying cache)
(compute-resources (cdr cons) resources readying cache))
(defmethod compute-resources ((vector vector) resources readying cache)
(unless (typep vector 'string)
(loop for object across vector
do (compute-resources object resources readying cache))))
(defmethod compute-resources ((table hash-table) resources readying cache)
(loop for value being the hash-values of table
do (compute-resources value resources readying cache)))
(defmethod compute-resources ((object entity) resources readying cache)
(loop for slot in (c2mop:class-slots (class-of object))
for name = (c2mop:slot-definition-name slot)
when (slot-boundp object name)
do (compute-resources (slot-value object name) resources readying cache)))
(defmethod compute-resources ((queue flare-queue:queue) resources readying cache)
(for:for ((item flare-queue:in-queue queue))
(compute-resources item resources readying cache)))
(defmethod compute-resources ((resource resource) resources readying cache)
(vector-push-extend resource resources)
(dolist (dep (dependencies resource))
(compute-resources dep resources readying cache)))
(defclass bakable (entity)
((baked-p :initform NIL :accessor baked-p)))
(defmethod compute-resources :before ((bakable bakable) resources readying cache)
(bake bakable))
(defmethod bake :around ((bakable bakable))
(unless (baked-p bakable)
(setf (baked-p bakable) T))
(defclass readied ()
(defmethod compute-resources :before ((readied readied) resources readying cache)
(vector-push-extend readied readying))
(defun stable-set-difference-eq (a b)
(let ((table (make-hash-table :test 'eq :size (length b))))
(loop for item across b do (setf (gethash item table) T))
(remove-if (lambda (item) (gethash item table)) a)))
(defun topological-sort-by-dependencies (resources)
(let ((status (make-hash-table :test 'eq))
(sorted (make-array (length resources) :fill-pointer 0)))
(labels ((visit (resource)
(case (gethash resource status :unvisited)
(warn "Dependency loop detected on ~a." resource))
(setf (gethash resource status) :temporary)
(dolist (dependency (dependencies resource))
;; Avoid injecting dependencies that are not part of the
;; resource loading list to avoid duplicate loading.
;; FIXME: maybe use the cache from the traversal for quicker lookup.
(when (find dependency resources)
(visit dependency)))
(setf (gethash resource status) :done)
(vector-push resource sorted)))))
(map NIL #'visit resources))
(defun %transition (to-load to-deallocate to-ready)
(when to-load
(let ((to-load (topological-sort-by-dependencies to-load)))
(v:info :trial.loader "Loading ~a asset~:p." (length to-load))
(v:debug :trial.loader "Loading:~%~a" to-load)
(map NIL #'load to-load)))
(when to-ready
(map NIL #'resources-ready to-ready))
(when to-deallocate
(v:info :trial.loader "Deallocating ~a asset~:p." (length to-deallocate))
(v:debug :trial.loader "Deallocating:~%~a" to-deallocate)
(map NIL #'deallocate to-deallocate)))
(defmethod transition ((from entity) (to scene))
(v:info :trial.loader "Transitioning ~a into ~a." from to)
(multiple-value-bind (to-load to-ready) (compute-resources-for from)
(%transition to-load NIL to-ready)
(defmethod transition ((from null) (to scene))
(v:info :trial.loader "Transitioning to ~a" to)
(multiple-value-bind (to-load to-ready) (compute-resources-for to)
(%transition to-load NIL to-ready)
(defmethod transition ((from scene) (to null))
(v:info :trial.loader "Transitioning from ~a" from)
(let ((to-deallocate (compute-resources-for to)))
(%transition NIL to-deallocate NIL)
(defmethod transition ((from scene) (to scene))
(v:info :trial.loader "Transitioning from ~a to ~a" from to)
(multiple-value-bind (to to-ready) (compute-resources-for to)
(let* ((from (compute-resources-for from))
(to-load (stable-set-difference-eq to from))
(to-deallocate (stable-set-difference-eq from to)))
(%transition to-load to-deallocate to-ready)