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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2017 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defclass pipeline ()
((nodes :initform NIL :accessor nodes)
(passes :initform #() :accessor passes)
(textures :initform #() :accessor textures)))
(defmethod finalize ((pipeline pipeline))
(clear pipeline))
(defmethod enter ((pass shader-pass) (pipeline pipeline))
(pushnew pass (nodes pipeline)))
(defmethod leave ((pass shader-pass) (pipeline pipeline))
(setf (nodes pipeline) (delete pass (nodes pipeline))))
(defmethod clear-pipeline ((pipeline pipeline))
(loop for tex across (textures pipeline)
do (finalize tex))
(loop for pass across (passes pipeline)
do (when (framebuffer pass)
(finalize (framebuffer pass))
(setf (framebuffer pass) NIL))
(remove-handler pass pipeline))
(setf (nodes pipeline) ())
(setf (passes pipeline) #())
(setf (textures pipeline) #()))
(defmethod connect ((source flow:port) (target flow:port) (pipeline pipeline))
(unless (find (flow:node source) (nodes pipeline))
(enter (flow:node source) pipeline))
(unless (find (flow:node target) (nodes pipeline))
(enter (flow:node target) pipeline))
(flow:connect source target 'flow:directed-connection)
(defmethod check-consistent ((pipeline pipeline))
(dolist (node (nodes pipeline))
(dolist (port (flow:ports node))
(check-consistent port))))
(defmethod resize ((pipeline pipeline) width height)
(gl:scissor 0 0 width height)
;; FIXME: keep width/height according to desired texspec
(loop for texture across (textures pipeline)
do (resize texture width height)))
(defmethod normalized-texspec ((texspec list))
(assert (= 0 (getf texspec :level 0)))
(assert (eql :dynamic (getf texspec :storage :dynamic)))
(let ((initargs (loop for (key val) in (class-default-initargs 'texture)
collect key collect (eval val))))
(loop for (key val) on initargs by #'cddr
collect key
collect (or (getf texspec key)
(case key
(:width 'width)
(:height 'height)
(T val))))))
(defmethod normalized-texspec ((port texture-port))
(normalized-texspec (texspec port)))
(defmethod normalized-texspec ((port output))
(append (texspec port)
;; Default internal format for attachments
(case (attachment port)
(list :internal-format :depth-component
:min-filter :linear))
(list :internal-format :stencil-index
:min-filter :linear))
(list :internal-format :depth-stencil
:min-filter :linear))
(list :internal-format :rgba))))))
(defun allocate-textures (passes textures texspec)
(flet ((kind (port)
;; FIXME: This is really dumb and inefficient. If we could remember which port belongs
;; to which joined texspec instead it could be much better and wouldn't need to
;; recompute everything all the time.
(and (typep port 'output) (join-texspec texspec (normalized-texspec port)))))
(flow:allocate-ports passes :sort NIL :test #'kind :attribute :texid)
(let* ((texture-count (loop for pass in passes
when (flow:ports pass)
maximize (loop for port in (flow:ports pass)
when (and (flow:attribute port :texid)
(kind port))
maximize (1+ (flow:attribute port :texid)))))
(offset (length textures)))
(adjust-array textures (+ offset texture-count) :initial-element NIL)
(dolist (pass passes textures)
(dolist (port (flow:ports pass))
(when (kind port)
;; FIXME: Recompute the minimal upgraded texspec across all shared
;; ports, as the partitioning done by the allocation mechanism
;; might have broken up texspecs that were initially grouped.
(let* ((texid (+ offset (flow:attribute port :texid)))
(texture (or (aref textures texid)
(apply #'make-instance 'texture texspec))))
(setf (aref textures texid) texture)
(setf (texture port) texture)
(dolist (connection (flow:connections port))
(setf (texture (flow:right connection)) texture)))))))))
(defmethod pack-pipeline ((pipeline pipeline) target)
(check-consistent pipeline)
(v:info :trial.pipeline "~a packing for ~a (~ax~a)" pipeline target (width target) (height target))
(let* ((passes (flow:topological-sort (nodes pipeline)))
(textures (make-array 0 :initial-element NIL :adjustable T))
(texspecs (loop for port in (mapcan #'flow:ports passes)
when (typep port 'output)
collect (normalized-texspec port))))
(clear-pipeline pipeline)
;; Compute texture set
(dolist (texspec (join-texspecs texspecs))
(allocate-textures passes textures texspec))
;; Discretize texture size
(loop for texture across textures
do (flet ((eval-size (size)
(eval `(let ((width ,(width target))
(height ,(height target)))
(declare (ignorable width height))
(setf (width texture) (eval-size (width texture)))
(setf (height texture) (eval-size (height texture)))))
;; FIXME: Replace textures with existing ones if they match to save on re-allocation.
;; Compute frame buffers
(dolist (pass passes)
(when (typep pipeline 'event-loop)
(add-handler pass pipeline))
(setf (framebuffer pass)
(make-instance 'framebuffer
:attachments (loop for port in (flow:ports pass)
when (typep port '(and output (not buffer)))
collect (list (attachment port) (texture port))))))
;; All done.
(v:info :trial.pipeline "~a pass order: ~a" pipeline passes)
(v:info :trial.pipeline "~a texture count: ~a" pipeline (length textures))
(v:info :trial.pipeline "~a texture allocation: ~:{~%~a~:{~% ~a: ~a~}~}" pipeline
(loop for pass in passes
collect (list pass (loop for port in (flow:ports pass)
collect (list (flow:name port) (texture port))))))
(setf (passes pipeline) (coerce passes 'vector))
(setf (textures pipeline) textures)))
(defmethod paint-with ((pipeline pipeline) source)
(loop for pass across (passes pipeline)
for fbo = (framebuffer pass)
do (gl:bind-framebuffer :framebuffer (gl-name fbo))
;; FIXME: Figure out which to clear depending on framebuffer attachments
(gl:clear :color-buffer :depth-buffer :stencil-buffer)
(paint-with pass source)))
(defmethod register-object-for-pass ((pipeline pipeline) object)
(loop for pass across (passes pipeline)
do (register-object-for-pass pass object)))