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(ql:quickload '(drakma cl-ppcre))
(defun split (string by)
(let ((out (make-string-output-stream))
(parts ()))
(flet ((add ()
(let ((part (get-output-stream-string out)))
(when (string/= "" part)
(push part parts)))))
(loop for char across string
do (if (char= char by)
(write-char char out))
finally (add)))
(nreverse parts)))
(defun convert-key-name (key)
(let ((key (intern (string-upcase key) :keyword)))
(case key
(:righty :right-v)
(:rightx :right-h)
(:lefty :left-v)
(:leftx :left-h)
(:dpup :dpad-up)
(:dpright :dpad-right)
(:dpdown :dpad-down)
(:dpleft :dpad-left)
(:rightshoulder :r1)
(:righttrigger :r2)
(:leftshoulder :l1)
(:lefttrigger :l2)
(:x :x)
(:y :y)
(:a :a)
(:b :b)
(:leftstick :left)
(:rightstick :right)
(:back :select)
(:guide :home)
(:start :start)
(T key))))
(defun u16byte-swap (x)
(let ((y 0))
(setf (ldb (byte 8 0) y) (ldb (byte 8 8) x))
(setf (ldb (byte 8 8) y) (ldb (byte 8 0) x))
(defun parse-guid (guid platform)
(case platform
((:linux :darwin)
(list (u16byte-swap (parse-integer guid :start 8 :end 12 :radix 16))
(u16byte-swap (parse-integer guid :start 16 :end 20 :radix 16))))
(list (u16byte-swap (parse-integer guid :start 0 :end 4 :radix 16))
(u16byte-swap (parse-integer guid :start 4 :end 8 :radix 16))))
(T guid)))
(defun parse-format (format)
(case (char format 0)
(#\b (list :button (parse-integer format :start 1)))
(#\h (list :hat (parse-integer format :start (1+ (position #\. format)))))
(#\a (list :axis (parse-integer format :start 1)))
(T format)))
(defun parse-platform (platform)
(cond ((string-equal platform "mac os x")
(intern (cl-ppcre:regex-replace-all " " (string-upcase platform) "-") :keyword))))
(defun convert-name (name)
(flet ((r (thing s r)
(cl-ppcre:regex-replace-all s thing r)))
(string-downcase (r (r name " +" "-") "[()]." ""))))
(defun parse-line (line)
(let ((parts (etypecase line
(list line)
(string (split line #\,))))
(plist ()))
(destructuring-bind (guid name &rest props) parts
(loop for prop in props
for (key format) = (split prop #\:)
when format
do (let* ((flist (parse-format format))
(key (convert-key-name key)))
(cond ((listp flist)
(push (list (second flist) key) (getf plist (first flist))))
((eql key :platform)
(setf (getf plist key) (parse-platform flist)))
(push (list key flist) (getf plist :properties))))))
(list* :id (parse-guid guid (getf plist :platform))
:name (convert-name name)
(defun load-db (&optional (url ""))
(let ((stream (drakma:http-request url :want-stream T))
(lines ()))
(loop for line = (read-line stream NIL)
while line
do (when (and (string/= "" line)
(char/= #\# (char line 0)))
(let ((line (parse-line line)))
(loop with i = 1
for other in lines
do (when (and (equal (getf line :name) (getf other :name))
(equal (getf line :platform) (getf other :platform)))
(setf (getf line :name) (convert-name (format NIL "~a-~a" (getf line :name) (incf i))))))
;; Ensure no duplicate IDs on the same platform.
(pushnew line lines
:key (lambda (line) (list (getf line :id)
(getf line :platform)))
:test #'equal))))
(close stream))
(nreverse lines)))
(defun convert-map (map)
(format NIL "~
\(define-gamepad ~a ~a
(~2d ~(~s~))~})
(~2d ~(~s~))~}))"
;; FIXME: What to do with hats? Seem to be used for DPAD sometimes.
;; libstem_gamepad turns them into axis. ID conversion is
;; not clear however.
(getf map :platform)
(getf map :name)
(getf map :id)
(sort (getf map :axis) #'< :key #'first)
(sort (getf map :button) #'< :key #'first)))
(defun convert-db (&optional (db (load-db)) (file (asdf:system-relative-pathname :trial "gamepad-db.lisp")))
(with-open-file (out file :direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(format out "(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)~%~%")
(dolist (map db)
(format out "~a~%~%" (convert-map map)))))