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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2017 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defclass shader-entity-class (redefinition-notifying-class)
((effective-shaders :initform () :accessor effective-shaders)
(direct-shaders :initform () :initarg :shaders :accessor direct-shaders)
(inhibited-shaders :initform () :initarg :inhibit-shaders :accessor inhibited-shaders)))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class shader-entity-class) (superclass t))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class standard-class) (superclass shader-entity-class))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class shader-entity-class) (superclass standard-class))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class shader-entity-class) (superclass shader-entity-class))
(defmethod compute-effective-shaders ((class shader-entity-class))
(let ((effective-shaders ())
(inhibited (inhibited-shaders class))
(superclasses (remove 'shader-entity-class
(c2mop:compute-class-precedence-list class)
:test-not (lambda (type class) (typep class type)))))
;; Check whether inhibits are effective
(loop for (name type) in inhibited
for super = (find name superclasses :key #'class-name)
do (cond ((not super)
(warn "No superclass ~s in hierarchy of ~s. Cannot inhibit its shader ~s." name (class-of super) (class-name class))
(setf (inhibited-shaders class) (remove (list name type) inhibited :test #'equal)))
((not (getf (direct-shaders super) type))
(warn "No shader of type ~s is defined on ~s. Cannot inhibit it for ~s." type name (class-name class))
(setf (inhibited-shaders class) (remove (list name type) inhibited :test #'equal)))))
;; Compute effective inhibited list
(loop for super in superclasses
do (setf inhibited (append inhibited (inhibited-shaders super))))
;; Make all direct shaders effective
(loop for (type shader) on (direct-shaders class) by #'cddr
do (setf (getf effective-shaders type)
(list shader)))
;; Go through all superclasses in order
(loop for super in superclasses
do (loop for (type shader) on (direct-shaders super) by #'cddr
unless (find (list (class-name super) type) inhibited :test #'equal)
do (pushnew shader (getf effective-shaders type))))
;; Compute effective single shader sources
(loop for (type shaders) on effective-shaders by #'cddr
do (setf (getf effective-shaders type)
(loop for (priority shader) in (stable-sort shaders #'> :key #'first)
collect (etypecase shader
(string shader)
(list (destructuring-bind (pool path) shader
(pool-path pool path))))))))
(setf (effective-shaders class) effective-shaders)))
(defmethod compute-effective-shaders :after ((class shader-entity-class))
;; Propagate
(loop for sub-class in (c2mop:class-direct-subclasses class)
when (and (typep sub-class 'shader-entity-class)
(c2mop:class-finalized-p sub-class))
do (compute-effective-shaders sub-class)))
(defmethod c2mop:finalize-inheritance :after ((class shader-entity-class))
(dolist (super (c2mop:class-direct-superclasses class))
(unless (c2mop:class-finalized-p super)
(c2mop:finalize-inheritance super)))
(compute-effective-shaders class))
(defmethod (setf effective-shaders) :after (value (class shader-entity-class))
(notify-class-redefinition class class))
(defmethod (setf direct-shaders) :after (value (class shader-entity-class))
(compute-effective-shaders class))
(defmethod effective-shaders ((class symbol))
(effective-shaders (find-class class)))
(defmethod (setf effective-shaders) (value (class symbol))
(setf (effective-shaders (find-class class)) value))
(defmethod direct-shaders ((class symbol))
(direct-shaders (find-class class)))
(defmethod (setf direct-shaders) (value (class symbol))
(setf (direct-shaders (find-class class)) value))
(defmethod class-shader (type (class shader-entity-class))
(getf (direct-shaders class) type))
(defmethod class-shader (type (class symbol))
(class-shader type (find-class class)))
(defmethod (setf class-shader) (shader type (class shader-entity-class))
(setf (getf (direct-shaders class) type) shader))
(defmethod (setf class-shader) (shader type (class symbol))
(setf (class-shader type (find-class class)) shader))
(defmethod remove-class-shader (type (class shader-entity-class))
(remf (direct-shaders class) type))
(defmethod remove-class-shader (type (class symbol))
(remove-class-shader type (find-class class)))
(defmethod make-class-shader-program ((class shader-entity-class))
(make-instance 'shader-program
:shaders (loop for (type source) on (effective-shaders class) by #'cddr
collect (make-instance 'shader :source source :type type))))
(defmethod make-class-shader-program ((class symbol))
(make-class-shader-program (find-class class)))
(defmacro define-class-shader ((class type &optional (priority 0)) &body definitions)
`(setf (class-shader ,type ',class)
(list ,priority (progn ,@definitions))))
(defclass shader-entity (entity)
(:metaclass shader-entity-class))
(defmethod effective-shaders ((subject shader-entity))
(effective-shaders (class-of subject)))
(defmethod (setf effective-shaders) (value (subject shader-entity))
(setf (effective-shaders (class-of subject)) value))
(defmethod direct-shaders ((subject shader-entity))
(direct-shaders (class-of subject)))
(defmethod (setf direct-shaders) (value (subject shader-entity))
(setf (direct-shaders (class-of subject)) value))
(defmethod class-shader (type (subject shader-entity))
(class-shader type (class-of subject)))
(defmethod (setf class-shader) (source type (subject shader-entity))
(setf (class-shader type (class-of subject)) source))
(defmethod remove-class-shader (type (subject shader-entity))
(remove-class-shader type (class-of subject)))
(defmethod make-class-shader-program ((subject shader-entity))
(make-class-shader-program (class-of subject)))
(defmacro define-shader-entity (&environment env name direct-superclasses direct-slots &rest options)
(unless (find-if (lambda (c) (c2mop:subclassp (find-class c T env) 'shader-entity)) direct-superclasses)
(setf direct-superclasses (append direct-superclasses (list 'shader-entity))))
(unless (find :metaclass options :key #'first)
(push '(:metaclass shader-entity-class) options))
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defclass ,name ,direct-superclasses
(define-class-shader (shader-entity :vertex-shader)
"#version 330 core")
(define-class-shader (shader-entity :fragment-shader)
"#version 330 core
out vec4 color;
void main(){
color = vec4(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
(defmethod determine-effective-shader-class ((name symbol))
(determine-effective-shader-class (find-class name)))
(defmethod determine-effective-shader-class ((object shader-entity))
(determine-effective-shader-class (class-of object)))
(defmethod determine-effective-shader-class ((class standard-class))
(defmethod determine-effective-shader-class ((class shader-entity-class))
(if (direct-shaders class)
(let* ((effective-superclasses (list (find-class 'shader-entity))))
;; Loop through superclasses and push new, effective superclasses.
(loop for superclass in (c2mop:class-direct-superclasses class)
for effective-class = (determine-effective-shader-class superclass)
do (when (and effective-class (not (find effective-class effective-superclasses)))
(push effective-class effective-superclasses)))
;; If we have one or two --one always being the shader-entity class--
;; then we just return the more specific of the two, as there's no class
;; combination happening that would produce new shaders.
(if (<= (length effective-superclasses) 2)
(first effective-superclasses)