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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defclass subject-class (standard-class handler-container)
((effective-handlers :initform NIL :accessor effective-handlers)))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class subject-class) (superclass t))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class standard-class) (superclass subject-class))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class subject-class) (superclass standard-class))
(defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass ((class subject-class) (superclass subject-class))
(defmethod compute-effective-handlers ((class subject-class))
;; Recompute effective handlers
(loop with effective-handlers = (handlers class)
for super in (c2mop:class-direct-superclasses class)
do (when (typep super 'subject-class)
(dolist (handler (effective-handlers super))
(pushnew handler effective-handlers :key #'name)))
finally (setf (effective-handlers class) effective-handlers))
(make-instances-obsolete class))
(defmethod compute-effective-handlers :after ((class subject-class))
;; Propagate
(loop for sub-class in (c2mop:class-direct-subclasses class)
when (and (typep sub-class 'subject-class)
(c2mop:class-finalized-p sub-class))
do (compute-effective-handlers sub-class)))
(defmethod c2mop:finalize-inheritance :after ((class subject-class))
(dolist (super (c2mop:class-direct-superclasses class))
(unless (c2mop:class-finalized-p super)
(c2mop:finalize-inheritance super)))
(compute-effective-handlers class))
(defmethod add-handler :after (handler (class subject-class))
(compute-effective-handlers class))
(defmethod remove-handler :after (handler (class subject-class))
(compute-effective-handlers class))
(defmethod add-handler (handler (class symbol))
(add-handler handler (find-class class)))
(defmethod remove-handler (handler (class symbol))
(remove-handler handler (find-class class)))
(defclass subject (entity handler-container)
((event-loops :initarg :event-loops :initform NIL :accessor event-loops))
(:metaclass subject-class))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((subject subject) &key)
(regenerate-handlers subject))
(defmethod reinitialize-instance :after ((subject subject) &key)
(regenerate-handlers subject))
(defmethod update-instance-for-redefined-class ((subject subject) aslots dslots plist &key)
(declare (ignore aslots dslots plist))
(regenerate-handlers subject))
(defmethod regenerate-handlers ((subject subject))
(setf (handlers subject)
(remove-if (lambda (handler)
(when (typep handler 'subject-handler)
(dolist (event-loop (event-loops subject))
(remove-handler handler event-loop))
(handlers subject)))
(loop for prototype in (effective-handlers (class-of subject))
for handler = (make-instance
:subject subject
:name (name prototype)
:event-type (event-type prototype)
:priority (priority prototype)
:delivery-function (delivery-function prototype))
do (push handler (handlers subject))
(dolist (event-loop (event-loops subject))
(add-handler handler event-loop))))
(defmethod register :before ((subject subject) (loop event-loop))
(when (find loop (event-loops subject))
(error "~s is already registered on the event-loop ~s."
subject loop)))
(defmethod register :after ((subject subject) (loop event-loop))
(push loop (event-loops subject)))
(defmethod deregister :before ((subject subject) (loop event-loop))
(unless (find loop (event-loops subject))
(error "~s is not registered on the event-loop ~s."
subject loop)))
(defmethod deregister :after ((subject subject) (loop event-loop))
(setf (event-loops subject) (remove loop (event-loops subject))))
(defmacro define-subject (&environment env name direct-superclasses direct-slots &rest options)
(unless (find-if (lambda (c) (c2mop:subclassp (find-class c T env) 'subject)) direct-superclasses)
(setf direct-superclasses (append direct-superclasses (list 'subject))))
(unless (find :metaclass options :key #'first)
(push '(:metaclass subject-class) options))
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defclass ,name ,direct-superclasses
(defclass subject-handler (handler)
((subject :initarg :subject :accessor subject))
:subject (error "SUBJECT required.")))
(defmethod matches ((a subject-handler) (b subject-handler))
(and (eq (subject a) (subject b))
(eql (name a) (name b))))
(defmethod matches ((a subject-handler) (b handler))
(defmethod matches ((a handler) (b subject-handler))
(defmethod handle (event (handler subject-handler))
(funcall (delivery-function handler) (subject handler) event))
(defmacro define-handler ((class name &optional (event-type name) (priority 0)) args &body body)
(let ((event (first args))
(args (rest args)))
`(add-handler (make-instance
:name ',name
:event-type ',event-type
:subject ',class
:priority ,priority
:delivery-function (lambda (,class ,event)
(declare (ignorable ,class ,event))
(with-slots ,args ,event
(defmacro define-generic-handler ((class name &optional (event-type name) (priority 0)) &body options)
(defgeneric ,name (,class event)
(add-handler (make-instance
:name ',name
:event-type ',event-type
:subject ',class
:priority ,priority
:delivery-function #',name)