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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2016 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(defvar *native-array-element-types*
(remove T (remove-duplicates
(mapcar #'upgraded-array-element-type
(append '(fixnum short-float single-float double-float long-float)
(loop for i from 1 to 64 collect `(signed-byte ,i))
(loop for i from 1 to 64 collect `(unsigned-byte ,i))
'(base-char extended-char character)))
:test #'equal)))
(defgeneric finalize (object))
(defmethod finalize :before (object)
(v:debug :trial "Finalizing ~a" object))
(defmethod finalize (object)
(defun gl-property (name)
(handler-case (gl:get* name)
(error (err) (declare (ignore err))
;; FIXME: put into a library
(defconstant single-float-positive-infinity
#+sbcl sb-ext:single-float-positive-infinity
#-sbcl most-positive-single-float)
(defconstant single-float-negative-infinity
#+sbcl sb-ext:single-float-negative-infinity
#-sbcl most-negative-single-float)
(defmacro with-float-traps-masked (args &body body)
(declare (ignorable args))
#+sbcl `(sb-int:with-float-traps-masked ,(or args '(:overflow :underflow :inexact))
#-sbcl (progn ,@body))
(define-symbol-macro current-time-start
(load-time-value (logand (sb-ext:get-time-of-day) (1- (expt 2 32)))))
(declaim (inline current-time))
(defun current-time ()
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0)))
#+sbcl (multiple-value-bind (s ms) (sb-ext:get-time-of-day)
(let* ((s (logand s (1- (expt 2 62))))
(ms (logand ms (1- (expt 2 62)))))
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 62) s ms))
(+ (- s current-time-start)
(* ms
(coerce 1/1000000 'double-float)))))
#-sbcl (/ (get-internal-real-time)
(defmacro undefmethod (name &rest args)
(flet ((lambda-keyword-p (symbol)
(find symbol lambda-list-keywords)))
(destructuring-bind (qualifiers args) (loop for thing = (pop args)
until (listp thing)
collect thing into qualifiers
finally (return (list qualifiers thing)))
(mapcar #'find-class
',(loop for arg in args
until (lambda-keyword-p arg)
collect (if (listp arg) (second arg) T))))))))
(defun class-default-initargs (class-ish)
(let ((class (etypecase class-ish
(symbol (find-class class-ish))
(standard-class class-ish))))
(unless (c2mop:class-finalized-p class)
(c2mop:finalize-inheritance class))
(c2mop:class-default-initargs class)))
(defmethod copy-instance ((instance standard-object) &key deep)
(let ((copy (allocate-instance (class-of instance))))
(loop for slot in (c2mop:class-slots (class-of instance))
for name = (c2mop:slot-definition-name slot)
for value = (slot-value instance name)
do (setf (slot-value copy name) (if deep (copy-instance value) value)))
(defun executable-directory ()
(or (first (uiop:command-line-arguments))
(defun enlist (item &rest items)
(if (listp item) item (list* item items)))
(defun unlist (item)
(if (listp item) (first item) item))
(defun remf* (list &rest keys)
(loop for (k v) on list by #'cddr
for x = (member k keys)
unless x collect k))
(defun one-of (thing &rest options)
(find thing options))
(defun input-source (&optional (stream *query-io*))
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for in = (read-line stream NIL NIL)
while (and in (string/= in "EOF"))
do (write-string in out))))
(defun input-value (&optional (stream *query-io*))
(multiple-value-list (eval (read stream))))
(defun input-literal (&optional (stream *query-io*))
(read stream))
(defmacro with-retry-restart ((name report &rest report-args) &body body)
(let ((tag (gensym "RETRY-TAG"))
(return (gensym "RETURN"))
(stream (gensym "STREAM")))
`(block ,return
,tag (restart-case
(return-from ,return
(progn ,@body))
(,name ()
:report (lambda (,stream) (format ,stream ,report ,@report-args))
(go ,tag)))))))
(defmacro with-new-value-restart ((place &optional (input 'input-value))
(name report &rest report-args) &body body)
(let ((tag (gensym "RETRY-TAG"))
(return (gensym "RETURN"))
(stream (gensym "STREAM"))
(value (gensym "VALUE")))
`(block ,return
,tag (restart-case
(return-from ,return
(progn ,@body))
(,name (,value)
:report (lambda (,stream) (format ,stream ,report ,@report-args))
:interactive ,input
(setf ,place ,value)
(go ,tag)))))))
(defmacro with-unwind-protection (cleanup &body body)
(progn ,@body)
(defmacro with-cleanup-on-failure (cleanup-form &body body)
(let ((success (gensym "SUCCESS")))
`(let ((,success NIL))
(setf ,success T))
(unless ,success
(defun acquire-lock-with-starvation-test (lock &key (warn-time 10) timeout)
(assert (or (null timeout) (< warn-time timeout)))
(flet ((do-warn () (v:warn :trial.core "Failed to acquire ~a for ~s seconds. Possible starvation!"
lock warn-time)))
#+sbcl (or (sb-thread:grab-mutex lock :timeout warn-time)
(if timeout
(sb-thread:grab-mutex lock :timeout (- timeout warn-time))
(sb-thread:grab-mutex lock)))
#-sbcl (loop with start = (get-universal-time)
for time = (- (get-universal-time) start)
thereis (bt:acquire-lock lock NIL)
do (when (and warn-time (< warn-time time))
(setf warn-time NIL)
(when (and timeout (< timeout time))
(return NIL))
(defvar *standalone* NIL)
(defun standalone-error-handler (err)
(when *standalone*
(v:error :trial err)
(v:fatal :trial "Encountered unhandled error in ~a, bailing." (bt:current-thread))
(if (and (uiop:getenv "TRIAL_DEBUG")
(string/= "" (uiop:getenv "TRIAL_DEBUG")))
(invoke-debugger err)
(defun standalone-logging-handler ()
(when *standalone*
(let ((log (uiop:getenv "TRIAL_LOGFILE")))
(unless (and log (string/= "" log))
(setf log (merge-pathnames "trial.log" (or (uiop:argv0) (user-homedir-pathname)))))
(v:define-pipe ()
(v:file-faucet :file log)))))
(defun make-thread (name func)
(bt:make-thread (lambda ()
(handler-bind ((error #'standalone-error-handler))
(funcall func)))
:name name
:initial-bindings `((*standard-output* . ,*standard-output*)
(*error-output* . ,*error-output*)
(*trace-output* . ,*trace-output*)
(*standard-input* . ,*standard-input*)
(*query-io* . ,*query-io*)
(*debug-io* . ,*debug-io*))))
(defmacro with-thread ((name) &body body)
`(make-thread ,name (lambda () ,@body)))
(defun wait-for-thread-exit (thread &key (timeout 1) (interval 0.1))
(loop for i from 0
while (bt:thread-alive-p thread)
do (sleep interval)
(when (= i (/ timeout interval))
(error "Thread ~s did not exit after ~a s." (bt:thread-name thread) (* i interval))
(continue ()
:report "Continue waiting.")
(abort ()
:report "Kill the thread and exit, risking corrupting the image."
(bt:destroy-thread thread)
(defmacro with-thread-exit ((thread &key (timeout 1) (interval 0.1)) &body body)
(let ((thread-g (gensym "THREAD")))
`(let ((,thread-g ,thread))
(when (and ,thread-g (bt:thread-alive-p ,thread-g))
(wait-for-thread-exit ,thread-g :timeout ,timeout :interval ,interval)))))
(defmacro with-error-logging ((&optional (category :trial) (message "") &rest args) &body body)
(let ((category-g (gensym "CATEGORY")))
`(let ((,category-g ,category))
(handler-bind ((error (lambda (err)
(v:severe ,category-g "~@[~@? ~]~a" ,message ,@args err)
(v:debug ,category-g err))))
(defmacro with-timing-report ((level category format &rest args) &body body)
(let ((run (gensym "RUNTIME"))
(real (gensym "REALTIME")))
`(let ((,run (get-internal-run-time))
(,real (get-internal-real-time)))
(progn ,@body)
(v:log ,(intern (string level) :keyword) ,category ,format ,@args
(/ (- (get-internal-run-time) ,run) INTERNAL-TIME-UNITS-PER-SECOND)
(/ (- (get-internal-real-time) ,real) INTERNAL-TIME-UNITS-PER-SECOND))))))
(defun ensure-class (class-ish)
(etypecase class-ish
(symbol (find-class class-ish))
(standard-class class-ish)
(standard-object (class-of class-ish))))
(defmacro with-slots-bound ((instance class) &body body)
(let ((slots (loop for slot in (c2mop:class-direct-slots
(let ((class (ensure-class class)))
(c2mop:finalize-inheritance class)
for name = (c2mop:slot-definition-name slot)
collect name)))
`(with-slots ,slots ,instance
(declare (ignorable ,@slots))
(defmacro with-all-slots-bound ((instance class) &body body)
(let ((slots (loop for slot in (c2mop:class-slots
(let ((class (ensure-class class)))
(c2mop:finalize-inheritance class)
for name = (c2mop:slot-definition-name slot)
collect name)))
`(with-slots ,slots ,instance
(declare (ignorable ,@slots))
(defun minimize (sequence test &key (key #'identity))
(etypecase sequence
(vector (when (< 0 (length sequence))
(loop with minimal = (aref sequence 0)
for i from 1 below (length sequence)
for current = (aref sequence i)
do (when (funcall test
(funcall key current)
(funcall key minimal))
(setf minimal current))
finally (return minimal))))
(list (when sequence
(loop with minimal = (car sequence)
for current in (rest sequence)
do (when (funcall test
(funcall key current)
(funcall key minimal))
(setf minimal current))
finally (return minimal))))))
(defun format-with-line-numbers (text)
(with-output-to-string (out)
(with-input-from-string (in text)
(loop for i from 1
for line = (read-line in NIL)
while line
do (format out "~3d ~a~%" i line)))))
(declaim (inline deg->rad rad->deg))
(defun deg->rad (deg)
(* deg PI 1/180))
(defun rad->deg (rad)
(* rad 180 (/ PI)))
(defvar *c-chars* "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789_")
(defun symbol->c-name (symbol)
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for c across (symbol-name symbol)
do (cond ((char= c #\-)
(write-char #\_ out))
((find c *c-chars*)
(write-char (char-downcase c) out))
(T (write-char #\_ out))))))
(defun check-gl-type (thing size &optional unsigned)
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 8) size))
(declare (optimize speed))
(if unsigned
(unless (<= 0 thing (expt 2 size))
(error "~a does not fit within [0,2^~a]." thing size))
(let ((size (1- size)))
(unless (<= (- (expt 2 size)) thing (1- (expt 2 size)))
(error "~a does not fit within [-2^~a,2^~:*~a-1]." thing size)))))
(defun cl-type->gl-type (type)
(cond ((subtypep type '(signed-byte 8)) :char)
((subtypep type '(unsigned-byte 32)) :uint)
((subtypep type '(signed-byte 32)) :int)
((subtypep type '(unsigned-byte 64)) :ulong)
((subtypep type '(signed-byte 64)) :long)
((subtypep type 'single-float) :float)
((subtypep type 'double-float) :double)
(T (error "Don't know how to convert ~s to a GL type." type))))
(defmacro with-pointer-to-vector-data ((ptr data) &body body)
(let ((datag (gensym "DATA")))
`(let ((,datag ,data))
(sb-sys:with-pinned-objects (,datag)
(let ((,ptr (sb-sys:vector-sap ,datag)))
(cffi:with-foreign-array (,ptr ,datag (cl-type->gl-type (array-element-type ,datag)))
(defun gl-type-size (type)
(ecase type
(:boolean 1)
((:ubyte :unsigned-byte :byte) 1)
((:ushort :unsigned-short :short) 2)
((:uint :unsigned-int :int) 4)
(:fixed 4)
((:uint64 :int64) 8)
(:sizei 4)
(:enum 4)
((:intptr :sizeiptr :sync) #+x86 4 #+x86-64 8)
(:bitfield 4)
((:half :half-float) 2)
((:float :clampf) 4)
((:double :clampd) 8)))
(defun gl-type->cl-type (type)
(ecase type
(:char '(signed-byte 8))
(:uint '(unsigned-byte 32))
(:int '(signed-byte 32))
(:float 'single-float)
(:double 'double-float)))
(defun gl-coerce (thing type)
(declare (optimize speed))
(ecase type
((:double :double-float)
(float thing 0.0d0))
((:float :single-float)
(float thing 0.0s0))
(check-gl-type thing 32)
(values (round thing)))
((:uint :unsigned-int)
(check-gl-type thing 32 T)
(values (round thing)))
((:char :byte)
(check-gl-type thing 8)
(values (round thing)))
((:uchar :unsigned-char :unsigned-byte)
(check-gl-type thing 8 T)
(values (round thing)))))
(define-compiler-macro gl-coerce (&whole whole &environment env thing type)
(if (constantp type env)
`(funcall (load-time-value
(ecase ,type
((:double :double-float)
(lambda (thing) (float thing 0.0d0)))
((:float :single-float)
(lambda (thing) (float thing 0.0s0)))
(lambda (thing)
(check-gl-type thing 32)
(values (round thing))))
((:uint :unsigned-int)
(lambda (thing)
(check-gl-type thing 32 T)
(values (round thing))))
((:char :byte)
(lambda (thing)
(check-gl-type thing 8)
(values (round thing))))
((:uchar :unsigned-char :unsigned-byte)
(lambda (thing)
(check-gl-type thing 8 T)
(values (round thing))))))
(defun texture-internal-format->pixel-format (format)
(ecase format
((:stencil-index :stencil-index1 :stencil-index4 :stencil-index8 :stencil-index16)
((:depth-component :depth-component16 :depth-component24 :depth-component32 :depth-component32f)
((:depth-stencil :depth32f-stencil8 :depth24-stencil8)
((:red :r8 :r8-snorm :r16 :r16-snorm :r16f :r32f :r8i :r8ui :r16i :r16ui :r32i :r32ui :compressed-red :compressed-red-rgtc1 :compressed-signed-red-rgtc1)
((:rg :rg8 :rg8-snorm :rg16 :rg16-snorm :rg16f :rg32f :rg8i :rg8ui :rg16i :rg16ui :rg32i :rg32ui :compressed-rg :compressed-rg-rgtc2 :compressed-signed-rg-rgtc2)
((:rgb :r3-g3-b2 :rgb4 :rgb5 :rgb8 :rgb8-snorm :rgb10 :rgb12 :rgb16-snorm :rgba2 :rgba4 :srgb8 :rgb16f :rgb32f :r11f-g11f-b10f :rgb9-e5 :rgb8i :rgb8ui :rgb16i :rgb16ui :rgb32i :rgb32ui :compressed-rgb :compressed-srgb :compressed-rgb-bptc-signed-float :compressed-rgb-bptc-unsigned-float)
((:rgba :rgb5-a1 :rgba8 :rgba8-snorm :rgb10-a2 :rgb10-a2ui :rgba12 :rgba16 :srgb8-alpha8 :rgba16f :rgba32f :rgba8i :rgba8ui :rgba16i :rgba16ui :rgba32i :rgba32ui :compressed-rgba :compressed-srgb-alpha :compressed-rgba-bptc-unorm :compressed-srgb-alpha-bptc-unorm)
(defun pixel-format->pixel-type (format)
(case format
(:depth-stencil :unsigned-int-24-8)
(:depth24-stencil8 :unsigned-int-24-8)
(:depth32f-stencil8 :unsigned-int-32-8)
(T :unsigned-byte)))
(defun gpu-room-ati ()
(let* ((vbo-free-memory-ati (gl:get-integer #x87FB 4))
(tex-free-memory-ati (gl:get-integer #x87FC 4))
(buf-free-memory-ati (gl:get-integer #x87FD 4))
(total (+ (aref vbo-free-memory-ati 0)
(aref tex-free-memory-ati 0)
(aref buf-free-memory-ati 0))))
(values total total)))
(defun gpu-room-nvidia ()
(let ((vidmem-total (gl:get-integer #x9047 1))
(vidmem-free (gl:get-integer #x9049 1)))
(values vidmem-free
(defun gpu-room ()
(macrolet ((jit (thing)
(return-from gpu-room
(multiple-value-prog1 ,thing
(compile 'gpu-room (lambda ()
(jit (gpu-room-ati))
(jit (gpu-room-nvidia))
(jit (values 1 1))))
(defun cpu-room ()
(values (round
(/ (- (sb-ext:dynamic-space-size)
(/ (sb-ext:dynamic-space-size) 1024.0)))
#-sbcl (values 1 1))
(defun gl-vendor ()
(let ((vendor (gl:get-string :vendor)))
(cond ((search "Intel" vendor) :intel)
((search "NVIDIA" vendor) :nvidia)
((search "ATI" vendor) :amd)
((search "AMD" vendor) :amd)
(T :unknown))))
(defun check-texture-size (width height)
(let ((max (gl:get* :max-texture-size)))
(when (< max (max width height))
(error "Hardware cannot support a texture of size ~ax~a, max is ~a."
width height max))))
(defmacro define-enum-check (name &body cases)
(let ((list (intern (format NIL "*~a-~a*" name '#:list)))
(func (intern (Format NIL "~a-~a" '#:check name))))
`(progn (defparameter ,list '(,@cases))
(defun ,func (enum)
(unless (find enum ,list)
(error "~a is not a valid ~a. Needs to be one of the following:~%~a"
enum ',name ,list))))))
(define-enum-check texture-target
:texture-1d :texture-2d :texture-3d
:texture-1d-array :texture-2d-array
:texture-cube-map :texture-cube-map-array
:texture-2d-multisample :texture-2d-multisample-array)
(define-enum-check texture-mag-filter
:nearest :linear)
(define-enum-check texture-min-filter
:nearest :linear :nearest-mipmap-nearest :nearest-mipmap-linear
:linear-mipmap-nearest :linear-mipmap-linear)
(define-enum-check texture-wrapping
:repeat :mirrored-repeat :clamp-to-edge :clamp-to-border)
(define-enum-check texture-internal-format
:red :r8 :r8-snorm :r8i :r8ui
:r16 :r16-snorm :r16f :r16i :r16ui
:r32f :r32i :r32ui
:rg :rg8 :rg8-snorm :rg8i :rg8ui
:rg16 :rg16-snorm :rg16f :rg16i :rg16ui
:rg32f :rg32i :rg32ui
:rgb :rgb8 :rgb8-snorm :rgb8i :rgb8ui
:r3-g3-b2 :rgb4 :rgb5 :rgb9-e5 :rgb10 :r11f-g11f-b10f :rgb12
:rgb16-snorm :rgb16f :rgb16i :rgb16ui
:rgb32f :rgb32i :rgb32ui
:rgba :rgba2 :rgba4 :rgb5-a1 :rgb10-a2 :rgb10-a2ui :rgba12
:rgba8 :rgba8-snorm :rgba8i :rgba8ui
:rgba16 :rgba16f :rgba16i :rgba16ui
:rgba32f :rgba32i :rgba32ui
:srgb8 :srgb8-alpha8
:depth-component :depth-component16 :depth-component24 :depth-component32 :depth-component32f
:stencil-index :stencil-index1 :stencil-index4 :stencil-index8 :stencil-index16
:depth-stencil :depth24-stencil8 :depth32f-stencil8
:compressed-red :compressed-red-rgtc1 :compressed-signed-red-rgtc1
:compressed-rg :compressed-rg-rgtc2 :compressed-signed-rg-rgtc2
:compressed-rgb :compressed-rgb-bptc-signed-float :compressed-rgb-bptc-unsigned-float
:compressed-rgba :compressed-rgba-bptc-unorm
:compressed-srgb :compressed-srgb-alpha :compressed-srgb-alpha-bptc-unorm)
(define-enum-check texture-pixel-format
:red :rg :rgb :bgr :rgba :bgra
:red-integer :rg-integer :rgb-integer
:bgr-integer :rgba-integer :bgra-integer
:stencil-index :depth-component :depth-stencil)
(define-enum-check texture-pixel-type
:unsigned-byte :byte
:unsigned-short :short
:unsigned-int :int
:unsigned-byte-3-3-2 :unsigned-byte-2-3-3-rev
:unsigned-short-5-6-5 :unsigned-short-5-6-5-rev
:unsigned-short-4-4-4-4 :unsigned-short-4-4-4-4-rev
:unsigned-short-5-5-5-1 :unsigned-short-1-5-5-5-rev
:unsigned-int-8-8-8-8 :unsigned-int-8-8-8-8-rev
:unsigned-int-10-10-10-2 :unsigned-int-2-10-10-10-rev
:unsigned-int-24-8 :float-32-unsigned-int-24-8-rev)
(define-enum-check shader-type
:compute-shader :vertex-shader
:geometry-shader :fragment-shader
:tess-control-shader :tess-evaluation-shader)
(define-enum-check vertex-buffer-element-type
:byte :unsigned-byte :short :unsigned-short :int :unsigned-int
:half-float :float :double :fixed)
(define-enum-check buffer-object-type
:array-buffer :atomic-counter-buffer
:copy-read-buffer :copy-write-buffer
:dispatch-indirect-buffer :draw-indirect-buffer
:element-array-buffer :pixel-pack-buffer
:pixel-unpack-buffer :query-buffer
:shader-storage-buffer :texture-buffer
:transform-feedback-buffer :uniform-buffer)
(define-enum-check buffer-object-data-usage
:stream-draw :stream-read :stream-copy :static-draw
:static-read :static-copy :dynamic-draw :dynamic-read
(define-enum-check framebuffer-attachment
:color-attachment0 :color-attachment1 :color-attachment2 :color-attachment3
:color-attachment4 :color-attachment5 :color-attachment6 :color-attachment7
:depth-attachment :stencil-attachment :depth-stencil-attachment)
(defun internal-format-components (format)
(case format
((:red :r8 :r8-snorm :r8i :r8ui
:r16 :r16-snorm :r16f :r16i :r16ui
:r32f :r32i :r32ui
:compressed-red :compressed-red-rgtc1
:compressed-signed-red-rgtc1) 1)
((:rg :rg8 :rg8-snorm :rg8i :rg8ui :gr
:rg16 :rg16-snorm :rg16f :rg16i :rg16ui
:compressed-rg :compressed-rg-rgtc2 :compressed-signed-rg-rgtc2) 2)
((:rg32f :rg32i :rg32ui :bgr
:rgb :rgb8 :rgb8-snorm :rgb8i :rgb8ui
:r3-g3-b2 :rgb4 :rgb5 :rgb9-e5 :rgb10 :r11f-g11f-b10f :rgb12
:rgb16-snorm :rgb16f :rgb16i :rgb16ui
:rgb32f :rgb32i :rgb32ui :srgb8
:compressed-rgb :compressed-rgb-bptc-signed-float
:compressed-rgb-bptc-unsigned-float :compressed-srgb) 3)
((:rgba :bgra :rgba2 :rgba4 :rgb5-a1 :rgb10-a2 :rgb10-a2ui :rgba12
:rgba8 :rgba8-snorm :rgba8i :rgba8ui
:rgba16 :rgba16f :rgba16i :rgba16ui
:rgba32f :rgba32i :rgba32ui :srgb8-alpha8
:compressed-rgba :compressed-rgba-bptc-unorm
:compressed-srgb-alpha :compressed-srgb-alpha-bptc-unorm) 4)
((:depth-component :depth-component16 :depth-component24 :depth-component32 :depth-component32f
:stencil-index :stencil-index1 :stencil-index4 :stencil-index8 :stencil-index16) 1)
((:depth-stencil :depth24-stencil8 :depth32f-stencil8) 2)))
(defun internal-format-pixel-size (format)
(case format
((:red :r8 :r8-snorm :r8i :r8ui) 8)
((:r16 :r16-snorm :r16f :r16i :r16ui) 16)
((:r32f :r32i :r32ui) 32)
((:rg :rg8 :rg8-snorm :rg8i :rg8ui) 16)
((:rg16 :rg16-snorm :rg16f :rg16i :rg16ui) 32)
((:rg32f :rg32i :rg32ui) 64)
((:rgb :rgb8 :rgb8-snorm :rgb8i :rgb8ui) 24)
(:r3-g3-b2 8)
(:rgb9-e5 32)
(:r11f-g11f-b10f 32)
(:rgb12 32)
(:rgb4 12)
(:rgb5 15)
(:rgb10 30)
((:rgb16-snorm :rgb16f :rgb16i :rgb16ui) 48)
((:rgb32f :rgb32i :rgb32ui) 96)
(:rgba2 8)
(:rgba4 16)
(:rgb5-a1 16)
(:rgb10-a2 32)
(:rgb10-a2ui 32)
(:rgba12 48)
((:rgba :rgba8 :rgba8-snorm :rgba8i :rgba8ui) 32)
((:rgba16 :rgba16f :rgba16i :rgba16ui) 64)
((:rgba32f :rgba32i :rgba32ui) 128)
(:srgb8 24) (:srgb8-alpha8 32)
(:depth-component 8)
(:depth-component16 16)
(:depth-component24 24)
((:depth-component32 :depth-component32f) 32)
(:stencil-index 8)
(:stencil-index1 1)
(:stencil-index4 4)
(:stencil-index8 8)
(:stencil-index16 16)
(:depth-stencil 8)
(:depth24-stencil8 32)
(:depth32f-stencil8 40)))
(defun infer-internal-format (pixel-type pixel-format)
(format NIL "~a~a"
(ecase pixel-format
((:r :red) :r)
((:rg :gr) :rg)
((:rgb :bgr) :rgb)
((:rgba :bgra) :rgba))
(ecase pixel-type
((:byte :unsigned-byte) :8)
((:short :unsigned-short) :16)
((:int :unsigned-int) :32)
((:short-float) :16f)
((:float) :32f)))
(defun infer-pixel-type (depth type)
(ecase depth
( 8 (ecase type
(:signed :byte)
(:unsigned :unsigned-byte)))
(16 (ecase type
(:signed :short)
(:unsigned :unsigned-short)
(:float :half-float)))
(32 (ecase type
(:signed :int)
(:unsigned :unsigned-int)
(:float :float)))))