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This file is a part of trial
(c) 2017 Shirakumo (
Author: Nicolas Hafner <>
(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.trial)
(declaim (type mat4
(declaim (inline view-matrix (setf view-matrix)
projection-matrix (setf projection-matrix)
model-matrix (setf model-matrix)
push-matrix pop-matrix
translate translate-by
rotate rotate-by
scale scale-by))
(declaim (ftype (function () mat4)
(defvar *view-matrix* (meye 4))
(defvar *projection-matrix* (meye 4))
(defvar *model-matrix* (meye 4))
(defun view-matrix ()
(defun (setf view-matrix) (mat4)
(setf *view-matrix* mat4))
(defun projection-matrix ()
(defun (setf projection-matrix) (mat4)
(setf *projection-matrix* mat4))
(defun model-matrix ()
(defun (setf model-matrix) (mat4)
(setf *model-matrix* mat4))
(defun look-at (eye target up)
(setf *view-matrix* (mlookat eye target up)))
(defun perspective-projection (fovy aspect near far)
(setf *projection-matrix* (mperspective fovy aspect near far)))
(defun orthographic-projection (left right bottom top near far)
(setf *projection-matrix* (mortho left right bottom top near far)))
(defmacro with-pushed-matrix (specs &body body)
(let ((specs (or specs '(((model-matrix) :copy)))))
`(let ,(loop for spec in specs
for (accessor fill) = (enlist spec :copy)
for variable = (ecase (unlist accessor)
((*view-matrix* view-matrix) '*view-matrix*)
((*projection-matrix* projection-matrix) '*projection-matrix*)
((*model-matrix* model-matrix) '*model-matrix*))
collect `(,variable
,(ecase fill
(:zero `(mat4))
(:identity `(meye 4))
((:copy NIL) `(mcopy4 ,variable)))))
(defun translate (v &optional (matrix (model-matrix)))
(declare (type vec3 v) (type mat4 matrix))
(nmtranslate matrix v))
(defun translate-by (x y z &optional (matrix (model-matrix)))
(translate (vec3 x y z) matrix))
(defun rotate (v angle &optional (matrix (model-matrix)))
(declare (type vec3 v) (type mat4 matrix))
(nmrotate matrix v angle))
(defun rotate-by (x y z angle &optional (matrix (model-matrix)))
(rotate (vec3 x y z) angle matrix))
(defun scale (v &optional (matrix (model-matrix)))
(declare (type vec3 v) (type mat4 matrix))
(nmscale matrix v))
(defun scale-by (x y z &optional (matrix (model-matrix)))
(scale (vec3 x y z) matrix))
(defun reset-matrix (&optional (matrix (model-matrix)))
(with-fast-matref (a matrix 4)
(setf (a 0 0) 1.0 (a 0 1) 0.0 (a 0 2) 0.0 (a 0 3) 0.0
(a 1 0) 0.0 (a 1 1) 1.0 (a 1 2) 0.0 (a 1 3) 0.0
(a 2 0) 0.0 (a 2 1) 0.0 (a 2 2) 1.0 (a 2 3) 0.0
(a 3 0) 0.0 (a 3 1) 0.0 (a 3 2) 0.0 (a 3 3) 1.0)
(defun vec->screen (vec width height)
(let ((clip-pos (m* (projection-matrix) (view-matrix) (model-matrix) (vxyz_ vec))))
(let ((w (vw clip-pos)))
(if (= 0.0s0 w)
(vec -1 -1 0)
(let* ((norm-pos (nv+ (nv* (vxyz clip-pos) (/ 0.5s0 w)) 0.5s0)))
(vsetf norm-pos
(* width (vx norm-pos))
(* height (- 1 (vy norm-pos)))
(defun screen->vec (vec width height)
(let* ((x (- (* 2 (/ (vx vec) width)) 1))
(y (+ (* -2 (/ (vy vec) height)) 1))
(inv (minv (m* (projection-matrix) (view-matrix))))
(res (m* inv (vec4 x y 0 1))))
(vec3 (/ (vx res) (vw res))
(/ (vy res) (vw res))