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Untested support for GLFW x11/wayland runtime loading.

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Shinmera committed Mar 10, 2020
1 parent 5de3041 commit 032abbd6a8e44e24e41d4a8bdfffe3f691c443cb
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  1. +24 −0 backends/glfw/context.lisp
@@ -299,3 +299,27 @@
(case key
(:grave-accent :section)
(T key)))

;; Runtime support for Wayland and X11
(cffi:define-foreign-library glfw-x11
(T ""))
(cffi:define-foreign-library glfw-wayland
(T ""))

(deploy:define-library %glfw::glfw
:dont-open T
:dont-deploy T)
(deploy:define-library glfw-x11
:dont-open T)
(deploy:define-library glfw-wayland
:dont-open T)

(deploy:define-hook (:boot load-glfw) ()
(cond ((deploy:env-set-p "WAYLAND_DISPLAY")
(deploy:status 1 "Detected Wayland, loading GLFW3-Wayland.")
(deploy:open-library 'glfw-wayland))
(deploy:status 1 "Assuming X11, loading GLFW3-X11.")
(deploy:open-library 'glfw-x11)))))

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