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Simpler workbench

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Shinmera committed Apr 11, 2019
1 parent 1eb78ab commit 1f2844911cd51256e9a5d4150a0ba2be03c9e959
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  1. +37 −212 workbench.lisp
@@ -6,222 +6,47 @@
(define-pool workbench
:base 'trial)

(define-asset (workbench skybox) image
(list #p"/home/linus/models/skycube_tga/posx.tga"
:target :texture-cube-map
:min-filter :linear)

(define-asset (workbench white) image

(define-asset (workbench black) image

(define-asset (workbench neutral-normal) image

;; Building
(define-asset (workbench building-a) mesh
:geometry-name "B_Set06_5_A")

(define-asset (workbench building-b) mesh
:geometry-name "B_Set06_5_B")

(define-asset (workbench building-a-albedo) image
:internal-fromat :srgb)

(define-asset (workbench building-b-albedo) image
:internal-fromat :srgb)

(define-asset (workbench building-a-specular) image

(define-asset (workbench building-a-normal) image

(define-asset (workbench building-a-roughness) image

;; Extra
(define-asset (workbench sphere) mesh
(make-sphere 1))
(define-asset (workbench cube) mesh
(make-cube 20))

(define-asset (workbench ground) mesh
(update-vertices (lambda (v) (nv* (uv v) 10)) (make-cube '(1000 1000 10))))
(define-asset (workbench grid) mesh
(make-line-grid 10 200 200))

(defparameter *scene-size* 800)
(define-asset (workbench cat) image

(define-shader-subject point-light (geometry-shaded located-entity)
((index :initarg :index :initform 0 :accessor index)
(color :initarg :color :initform (vec 0 0 0) :accessor color)
(attenuation :initarg :attenuation :initform '(0.07 0.017) :accessor attenuation)
(direction :initarg :direction :accessor direction))
:direction (vec3-random -3 +3)
:diffuse-map (asset 'workbench 'white)
:specular-map (asset 'workbench 'black)
:normal-map (asset 'workbench 'neutral-normal)
:roughness-map (asset 'workbench 'black)
:occlusion-map (asset 'workbench 'black)
:vertex-array (asset 'workbench 'sphere)))

(define-handler (point-light tick) (ev dt tt)
(let ((buffer (asset 'trial 'light-block))
(i (index point-light)))
(flet ((field (i field)
(format NIL "LightBlock.lights[~d].~(~a~)" i field)))
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field i 'type)) 2)
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field i 'position)) (location point-light))
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field i 'color)) (color point-light))
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field i 'attenuation_linear)) (first (attenuation point-light)))
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field i 'attenuation_quadratic)) (second (attenuation point-light))))
(let ((dir (direction point-light))
(loc (location point-light)))
(setf (vx dir) (random (* 30 dt)))
(setf (vy dir) (+ (vy dir) (random (* 2 dt))))
(setf (vz dir) (+ (vz dir) (random (* 2 dt))))
(flet ((wrap (x)
(- (mod (+ x *scene-size*) (* 2 *scene-size*)) *scene-size*)))
(vsetf loc
(wrap (+ (vx loc) (* (vx dir) (sin (vy dir)) (cos (vz dir)))))
(mod (+ (vy loc) (* (vx dir) (sin (vy dir)) (sin (vz dir)))) *scene-size*)
(wrap (+ (vz loc) (* (vx dir) (cos (vy dir))))))))))

(defmethod paint ((point-light point-light) (pass shadow-map-pass)))

(define-shader-entity test (geometry-shaded located-entity scaled-entity)

(define-shader-pass deferred+shadow-pass (high-color-pass
((occlusion-map :port-type input)))

(define-class-shader (deferred+shadow-pass :fragment-shader 5)
(gl-source (asset 'trial 'light-block))
"in vec2 tex_coord;
uniform sampler2D position_map;
uniform sampler2D normal_map;
uniform sampler2D albedo_map;
uniform sampler2D occlusion_map;
float lighting_strength = 1.0;
vec3 ambient_light = vec3(0.1);
void main(){
vec3 position = texture(position_map, tex_coord).rgb;
vec3 normal = texture(normal_map, tex_coord).rgb;
vec3 light_direction = light_block.lights[0].position-position;
float bias = shadow_bias(normal, light_direction);
float shadow = shadow_factor(position, bias);
lighting_strength = 1-(0.9 * shadow);
ambient_light *= texture(occlusion_map, tex_coord).r;

;; (print (list :location (location (unit :camera (scene (handler *context*))))
;; :rotation (rotation (unit :camera (scene (handler *context*))))))
(define-asset (workbench skybox) image
:target :texture-cube-map)

(define-shader-subject cube (vertex-entity colored-entity textured-entity located-entity rotated-entity selectable)
((vel :initform (/ (random 1.0) (+ 10 (random 20))) :accessor vel))
(:default-initargs :vertex-array (asset 'workbench 'cube)
:texture (asset 'workbench 'cat)
:rotation (vec (/ PI -2) 0 0)
:color (vec4-random 0.2 0.8)
:location (vx_z (vec3-random -100 100))))

(define-shader-subject grid (vertex-entity colored-entity)
(:default-initargs :vertex-array (asset 'workbench 'grid)
:vertex-form :lines))

(define-handler (cube tick) (ev)
(incf (vz (rotation cube)) (vel cube)))

(defmethod setup-scene ((workbench workbench) scene)
(enter (make-instance 'editor-camera :LOCATION (VEC3 -178.21268 68.54084 121.44603)
:ROTATION (VEC3 0.060004286 1.976846 0.0))
;; (enter (make-instance 'skybox :texture (asset 'workbench 'skybox)) scene)
(flet ((add (vert diff spec norm rough ao &rest initargs)
(enter (apply #'make-instance 'test
:specular-map (asset 'workbench spec)
:diffuse-map (asset 'workbench diff)
:normal-map (asset 'workbench norm)
:roughness-map (asset 'workbench rough)
:occlusion-map (asset 'workbench ao)
:vertex-array (asset 'workbench vert)
(add 'building-a
:scaling (vec 100 100 100)
:location (vec -400 0 0))
(add 'building-b
:scaling (vec 100 100 100)
:location (vec -400 0 0)))
;; (dotimes (i (1- MAX-LIGHTS))
;; (enter (make-instance 'point-light :index (1+ i)
;; :location (vec3-random (- *scene-size*) *scene-size*)
;; :color (vec3-random 500 700)
;; :attenuation '(0.07 0.017))
;; scene))
(let* ((shadow (make-instance 'shadow-map-pass :projection-matrix (mortho -800 800 -800 800 1.0 2000)
:view-matrix (mlookat (vec 400 300 150) (vec 0 0 0) (vec 0 1 0))
:name :shadow-map-pass))
(geometry (make-instance 'geometry-pass))
(ssao (make-instance 'ssao-pass))
(lighting (make-instance 'deferred+shadow-pass :shadow-map-pass shadow))
(h-blur (make-instance 'gaussian-blur-pass :uniforms `(("dir" ,(vec 1 0)))))
(v-blur (make-instance 'gaussian-blur-pass :uniforms `(("dir" ,(vec 0 1)))))
(h-blur2 (make-instance 'gaussian-blur-pass :uniforms `(("dir" ,(vec 1 0)))))
(v-blur2 (make-instance 'gaussian-blur-pass :uniforms `(("dir" ,(vec 0 1)))))
(skybox (make-instance 'skybox-pass :texture (asset 'workbench 'skybox)))
(tone-map (make-instance 'bloom-pass))
(blend (make-instance 'blend-pass)))
(connect (port geometry 'position) (port ssao 'position-map) scene)
(connect (port geometry 'normal) (port ssao 'normal-map) scene)
;; (connect (port ssao 'occlusion) (port (make-instance 'copy-pass) 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port shadow 'shadow) (port lighting 'shadow-map) scene)
(connect (port geometry 'position) (port lighting 'position-map) scene)
(connect (port geometry 'normal) (port lighting 'normal-map) scene)
(connect (port geometry 'albedo) (port lighting 'albedo-map) scene)
(connect (port geometry 'metal) (port lighting 'metal-map) scene)
(connect (port ssao 'occlusion) (port h-blur2 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port h-blur2 'color) (port v-blur2 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port v-blur2 'color) (port lighting 'occlusion-map) scene)
(connect (port lighting 'high-pass) (port h-blur 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port h-blur 'color) (port v-blur 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port v-blur 'color) (port tone-map 'high-pass) scene)
(connect (port lighting 'color) (port tone-map 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port skybox 'color) (port blend 'a-pass) scene)
(connect (port tone-map 'color) (port blend 'b-pass) scene)))

(defmethod change-scene :after ((workbench workbench) scene &key old)
(declare (ignore old))
(let ((buffer (asset 'trial 'light-block)))
(flet ((field (i field)
(format NIL "LightBlock.lights[~d].~(~a~)" i field)))
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field 0 'type)) 1)
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field 0 'direction)) (nv- (vec 400 300 150)))
(setf (buffer-field buffer (field 0 'color)) ;(vec 0.9 0.85 0.6)
(v* (vunit (vec 9 8 5)) 10)))
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.count") 1))
(enter (make-instance 'skybox :texture (asset 'workbench 'skybox)) scene)
(enter (make-instance 'grid) scene)
(dotimes (i 5)
(enter (make-instance 'cube) scene))
(enter (make-instance 'editor-camera :location (vec 0 100 150)) scene)
(enter (make-instance 'render-pass) scene))

(defmethod update :after ((workbench workbench) tt dt)
(let* ((buffer (asset 'trial 'light-block))
(shadow (unit :shadow-map-pass (scene workbench)))
(light (vec 400 400 300))
(color (vunit (vec 9 7 5))))
;; (setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[0].type") 1)
;; (setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[0].color") color)
;; (setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[0].position") light)
;; (setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[0].direction") (v- light))
;; (setf (shadow-projection-matrix shadow) (mortho -800 800 -800 800 1.0 1500))
;; (setf (shadow-view-matrix shadow) (mlookat (vec 400 300 150) (vec 0 0 0) (vec 0 1 0)))

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