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Shinmera committed Sep 28, 2018
1 parent d4b2e97 commit 1fde1b0cc25b276f5a04f7a2cbaae90a8f3094a2
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@@ -98,16 +98,16 @@
(intern name package)))
(defun vertex-buffer-type->int (type)
(position type *vertex-buffer-type-list*))
(position type *buffer-object-type-list*))
(defun int->vertex-buffer-type (int)
(elt *vertex-buffer-type-list* int))
(elt *buffer-object-type-list* int))
(defun vertex-buffer-usage->int (type)
(position type *vertex-buffer-data-usage-list*))
(position type *buffer-object-data-usage-list*))
(defun int->vertex-buffer-usage (int)
(elt *vertex-buffer-data-usage-list* int))
(elt *buffer-object-data-usage-list* int))
(defun vformat-write-type (buffer value type)
(ecase type

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