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Shinmera committed Feb 6, 2019
1 parent d1365fd commit 7c7bec6838bbc6b62f8c20fec27213d2fa313db9
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@@ -5,99 +5,8 @@
(define-pool workbench
:base 'trial)

(define-asset (workbench box) mesh
(make-cube 10))

(define-asset (workbench floor) mesh
(make-cube '(20 20 10) :y -10))

(define-asset (workbench box-diffuse) image
:internal-format :srgb)

(define-asset (workbench box-specular) image

(define-asset (workbench brickwall-diffuse) image
:internal-format :srgb)

(define-asset (workbench brickwall-specular) image

(define-shader-subject test-entity (geometry-shaded rotated-entity)

(define-handler (test-entity tick) (ev dt tt)
;(incf (vx (rotation test-entity)) dt)
;(incf (vz (rotation test-entity)) dt)

(define-shader-pass deferred+shadow-pass (high-color-pass

(define-class-shader (deferred+shadow-pass :fragment-shader)
"out vec4 color;
void main(){
vec3 position = texture(position_map, tex_coord).rgb;
vec3 normal = texture(normal_map, tex_coord).rgb;
vec3 light_direction = light_block.lights[1].position-position;
float bias = shadow_bias(normal, light_direction);
float shadow = shadow_factor(position, bias);
color *= (1-min(0.75,shadow));

(defmethod setup-scene ((workbench workbench) scene)
(enter (make-instance 'target-camera :location (vec 0 20 20)) scene)
(enter (make-instance 'test-entity :specular-map (asset 'workbench 'box-specular)
:diffuse-map (asset 'workbench 'box-diffuse)
:vertex-array (asset 'workbench 'box))
(enter (make-instance 'geometry-shaded :specular-map (asset 'workbench 'brickwall-specular)
:diffuse-map (asset 'workbench 'brickwall-diffuse)
:vertex-array (asset 'workbench 'floor))
(let* ((shadow (make-instance 'shadow-map-pass :projection-matrix (mortho -20 20 -20 20 1.0 50)
:view-matrix (mlookat (vec 20 10 5) (vec 0 0 0) (vec 0 1 0))
:name :shadow-map-pass))
(geometry (make-instance 'geometry-pass))
(lighting (make-instance 'deferred+shadow-pass :shadow-map-pass shadow))
(h-blur (make-instance 'gaussian-blur-pass :uniforms `(("dir" ,(vec 1 0)))))
(v-blur (make-instance 'gaussian-blur-pass :uniforms `(("dir" ,(vec 0 1)))))
(tone-map (make-instance 'bloom-pass)))
(connect (port geometry 'position) (port lighting 'position-map) scene)
(connect (port geometry 'normal) (port lighting 'normal-map) scene)
(connect (port geometry 'albedo) (port lighting 'albedo-map) scene)
(connect (port shadow 'shadow) (port lighting 'shadow-map) scene)
(connect (port lighting 'high-pass) (port h-blur 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port h-blur 'color) (port v-blur 'previous-pass) scene)
(connect (port v-blur 'color) (port tone-map 'high-pass) scene)
(connect (port lighting 'color) (port tone-map 'previous-pass) scene)))

(defmethod change-scene :after ((workbench workbench) scene &key old)
(let ((buffer (asset 'trial 'light-block)))
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.count") 3)
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[0].type") 1)
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[0].direction") (vunit (vec -20 -20 -10)))
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[0].color") (vec 0 0 0))
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[1].type") 2)
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[1].position") (vec 20 10 5))
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[1].color") (vec 50 50 50))
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[2].type") 2)
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[2].position") (vec 0 20 20))
(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[2].color") (vec 0 20 0))))
(defmethod setup-scene ((workbench workbench) scene))

(defmethod update :after ((workbench workbench) tt dt)
(let ((buffer (asset 'trial 'light-block))
(shadow (unit :shadow-map-pass (scene workbench)))
(camera (unit :camera (scene workbench)))
(light (vec (* (sin tt) 20) 10 (* (cos tt) 20))))
;;(setf (buffer-field buffer "LightBlock.lights[1].position") light)
;;(setf (shadow-view-matrix shadow) (mlookat light (vec 0 0 0) (vec 0 1 0)))
;;(vsetf (location camera) (* (sin (/ tt -1)) 20) 20 (* (cos (/ tt 1)) 20))

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