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GAMS mode version 6.5.

  • Modified gams-model-library so that it works under the recent versions of GAMS.

  • Added a new function gams-modlib-toggle-show-content to GAMS model library (GAMS-MODLIB) mode. You can see the model library in GAMS-MODLIB mode. In the previous gams-mode.el, GAMS-MODLIB mode shows the program code of models. In the new gams-mode.el, you can see the explanatory text of models like GAMSIDE. Added a customizable variable gams-modlib-show-code-p-default which changes the default behavior of gams-modlib-show-content.

  • Modified explanatory strings.

  • Modified gams-insert-statement-extended.

  • Modified gams-view-document so that you can see documents in recent versions of GAMS system. Added new variables gams-docs-url and gams-docs-view-old and modified the default value of gams-docs-view-program.

  • Changed GAMS mode icon for modeline.

  • Removed gams-auto-complete.el from GAMS mode package. gams-auto-complete.el is renamed to gams-ac.el and released as a separate package in gams-ac repository.

@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Mar 29, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release

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GAMS mode version 6.4.

  • Added hook variables gams-sil-mode-hook, gams-lxi-mode-hook, and gams-ol-mode-hook.

  • Added new list code gams-auto-complete.el. This enables you to use auto-complete mode in GAMS mode.

    If you want to use auto-complete mode in GAMS mode, you first need to install auto-complete.el which can be installed from MELPA.

    To use auto-complete in GAMS mode, add the following code to init.el.

      ;; Load gams-auto-complete.
      (require 'gams-auto-complete)
      ;; Initial setup for auto-complete in GAMS mode.

    If you want to add words for auto-complete mode by yourself, add words to the variable gams-ac-source-user-keywords-list. See "gams-setting-sample.el" for details.

  • Changed gamslxi.exe.

@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Nov 18, 2017 · 29 commits to master since this release

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GAMS mode version 6.3

  • Modified licence statement.

  • Added executable files gamslxi.exe and gamslxi-import.exe.

@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Mar 10, 2017 · 42 commits to master since this release

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GAMS mode version 6.2

  • Supported "singleton set".

  • Changed the default value of gams-highlighted-keywords-in-comment to ("TODO" "BUG" "FIXME").

  • Added a customizable variable gams-sil-display-column-num. This variable determiens the column width for displaying identifer name in GAMS-SIL mode.

  • Made changes to show names of parameters, variables and equations with index (set) in GAMS-SIL mode.

@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Dec 3, 2016 · 50 commits to master since this release

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GAMS mode version 6.1.2

  • Added new variable gams-highlighted-keywords-in-comment. In this variable, you specify the list of keywords highlighted even in comment region.

    In comment region, all texts are colored by gams-comment-face. But the words registered in this list are colored by gams-highlighted-keywords-face even in comment region. The default keywords are TODO, BUG, FIXME.

@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Mar 27, 2016 · 65 commits to master since this release

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GAMS mode version 6.1

  • Modified GAMS-TEMPLATE mode.

  • Modified the format of "gams-template.txt" (gams-template-file) which stores templates. The previous gams-template.txt is not compatible with the current GAMS-TEMPLATE mode. You need to recreate the new "gams-template.txt" or replace the old one with the new sample template

  • Added gams-temp-change-template-file function.

  • Fixed the bug in GAMS-MODEL library in gnupack Emacs.

@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Mar 2, 2016 · 117 commits to master since this release

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  • Note: Important changes have been added to this version of GAMS mode. Read the explanation below carefully and change your configurations in init.el file.

  • Changed the name of the main lisp code from "gams.el" to "gams-mode.el".

  • The name of feature provided by gams-mode.el changed from gams to gams-mode. So you need to use (require 'gams-mode) instead of (require 'gams).

  • Changed the name of variables and functions whose prefix is "gams*" or "gams:". Now all variables and functions defined in gams-mode.el have prefix "gams-". As a result of this change, names of the following customizable variables changed.

      Old name                         New name
      `gams:process-command-name`   -> `gams-process-command-name`
      `gams:process-command-option` -> `gams-process-command-option`

    You need to modify init.el setting.

  • Change the default value of variables gams-statement-file and gams-template-file.

      gams-statement-file -> "~/.emacs.d/gams-statement.txt"
      gams-template-file -> "~/.emacs.d/gams-template.txt"
Feb 3, 2016


gams.el 5.0

@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Mar 10, 2015 · 147 commits to master since this release

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@ShiroTakeda ShiroTakeda released this Feb 24, 2015 · 158 commits to master since this release

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