Pure rust building block for distributed systems
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Pure rust building block for distributed systems


The objective of bifrost is to build a solid foundation for distributed systems in rust. It is similar to one of my Clojure project cluster-connecter, but no longer require any third-party software like Zookeeper or etcd. Bifrost will ship with it's own reliable data store based on raft consensus algorithm state machines. Users are also able to build their own reliable data structures by implementing state machine commands.

Bifrost is still in very early stage of development and it is not suggested to be used in any kinds of projects until it is stabilized and fully tested

Progress Check List

  • RPC
    • TCP Server
    • Protocol
    • Event driven server
    • Sync client
    • Async client
    • Multiplexing pluggable services
    • Shortcut (for both TCP and RPC APIs)
  • Raft (data replication)
    • Leader election
    • Log replication
    • Master/subs state machine framework
    • State machine client
      • Sync
      • PubSub
    • Master state machine snapshot
      • Generate
      • Install
      • Generate in chunks
      • Install in chunks
      • Automation
      • Persistent to disk
      • Recover from disk
      • Incremental snapshot
    • Membership changes
      • State machine
        • New Member
        • Delete Member
        • Snapshot
        • Recover
      • Interfaces
      • Update procedures
    • Cluster bootstrap
    • Client
      • Command
      • Query
        • Concurrency
      • Failover
      • Membership changes
      • Subscription
    • Raft Group
    • Tests
      • State machine framework
      • Leader selection
      • Log replication
      • Snapshot
      • Membership changes
        • New member
        • Delete member
      • Safety
      • Stress and benchmark
      • Stress + Safety
  • Sharding
    • Consistent hash
  • Reliable data store
    • Client group membership
    • Client group leader election
    • Map
    • Set
    • Array
    • Queue
    • Value
    • Number
    • Lock
  • Integration (API)
    • gPRC
  • Utility
  • Consistent hashing
  • Vector clock