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import scraperwiki
import lxml.html
import uuid
import datetime
# Variables
wishlist = "255H4B66T7IBO"
limit = 1.50
asins = []
# Functions
def is_cheap(price):
if(price < float(limit)):
cheap = "Is going cheap!" # Text to search for within IFTTT
elif(price == 9999999):
cheap = "We can't get a price."
cheap = "Is not going cheap."
return cheap
def save(title, link, description):
now =
data = {
"title": title,
"link": link,
"description": description,
"guid": link + "&uuid=" + str(uuid.uuid1()),
"pubDate": str(now)
}['link'], data=data)
return "Saved!"
try: # Try and get ASINs from your Amazon Wish List
url = "" + wishlist + "/ref=cm_wl_act_print_o?_encoding=UTF8&disableNav=1&items-per-page=2500&layout=standard-print&page=1&visitor-view=1"
html = scraperwiki.scrape(url)
root = lxml.html.fromstring(html)
for element in root.cssselect("tbody[class='itemWrapper']"):
string = element.attrib["name"]
pieces = string.split(".")
print "There was an error. Did you provide a working Amazon Wish List identifier?"
# Process ASINs for further details
for asin in asins:
price = 9999999
url = "" + asin
html = scraperwiki.scrape(url)
root = lxml.html.fromstring(html)
title = root.cssselect("span[id='btAsinTitle']")[0].text_content()
if(title.find("Kindle Edition") > 0): # Check if this is an item for the Amazon Kindle
for element in root.cssselect("div[class='buying'] input"):
if(element.attrib["name"] == "displayedPrice"):
price = float(element.attrib["value"])
cheap = is_cheap(price)
try: # Try and get the price of the item. Some items throw back garbage so the price is listed as cannot be found.
price = float(root.cssselect("span[id='actualPriceValue'] b")[0].text_content()[1:])
print "We can't get a price for: " + title
print "Try camelcamelcamel:" + asin
cheap = is_cheap(price)
print save(title, url, cheap)