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Everything about AI/Deep Learning ChatBot - Research, Code and Samples


Start with this course - Deep Learning and NLP A-Z™: How to create a ChatBot. This course expects you to know Python and basics of Deep Learning programming. I know Python, however not much of AI/Deep Learning programming. So, after the data cleaning portion in course, I got totally lost in AI/Deep Learning part. The purpose of this github repo is to document my learning process. Following is not in specific order, but by the end of it, I should be expert in ChatBots, be able to determine whether to build, use COTS (commercial off the shelf) or FOSS (Free and Open Source) ChatBot. Lets begin... build vs buy.

Research - Enterprise ChatBots

I am keeping this at the top, because I am proponent of buy over build. You build, only if there are no products out there that meets most of your requirements. Hence, I will research bots available in the market

Research - Build ChatBot

I am starting off with seq2seq as course uses it to build a chatbot. I ran into Google Meena while quick research on seq2seq. Based on initial research, this is the best chat bot available. Lets see how my learning goes and how we meet our goal of selecting or building a chatbot. Update (4/30/2020): FB released their own chat bot that they claim is better than Google's.

Build ChatBot - Samples/Hands On

Serverless BERT with Hugging Face (

Books and Courses


Google 'Meena'

Towards a Conversational Agent that Can Chat About…Anything

Facebook 'Blender'

A state-of-the-art open source chatbot


Everything about AI ChatBot - Research, Code and Samples



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