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Pretty Print for Gmail

Chrome Web Store

Pretty print Gmail emails. Chrome extension. Get rid of that clunky Gmail logo and other visual clutter while printing emails.

Why would I want this?

I hated it when Gmail would completely mess up my email when I wanted to print (cat emojis my own):

Just. Why would I want this, Gmail.

So I made an extension that would clean up the print view:

omg so clean!

I released it, and people seemed to like it. I got a lot of feature requests, so I kept adding features, until at this point you can batch print emails, print threads, and print individual emails in threads.

Features and Usage

Multiple Printing

From the main Gmail page, select all the emails you want to print, and press the extension icon orange printer. Alternatively, you can press Alt + P (extension shortcut), but if that is overriden by something else then it won't work.

Select multiple emails from the main Gmail page and press extension icon

All of them are combined in a print view

Print as many emails as you like! You can print by label, category, etc.

If you select too many emails to print, things might slow down for a bit - please be patient!

Single Thread Printing

If you want to pretty print one thread, click on the email thread. Now press the extension icon orange printer or the shortcut Alt + P.

Single Email in Thread Printing

If you want to pretty print a single message in a long threaded conversation, then this extension supports that as well! Custom styles are inserted for the to-be-printed email. Do the following:

  • Open the message you want to print
  • Click the down arrow next to the reply button, at the top-right corner of the message
  • Select Print. The email should be all cleaned up!

Click on Print button

Pretty printed single email!


Right click on extension icon and press Options. Choose what you want printed!



Simply head on over to the Chrome Web Store and install it.


Just Google Chrome!


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If you use this extension, please consider donating:

This project (especially the multiple printing feature) took (takes) a ridiculous amount of time and effort to develop. Your donations help me devote time to features/bug-fixes by having to spend less time earning money to buy oatmeal. Because oatmeal is the best. Oatmeal + yogurt + berries + banana + flaxseed + peanut butter. You're welcome.


Icon credits: Plainicon from www.flaticon.com.