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Generate pretty images of text, useful for writing on Instagram. For the following input:

Magic is dead.

It lives like a refugee, in
the spaces between your fingers:

for times when you forget
that your lips are just sensors, and
the thrill down my spine
when you kiss me
is just my brain snorting

the script generates:



The Typewriter script uses ImageMagick (NOT the Python library, the script simply calls the CLI) for basic functionality and also scipy/numpy/matplotlib for further optional image processing. I installed the Kingthings font, but you can use any (script defaults to Kingthings).

For setting up on Mac (like I did), you need to first install ImageMagick using something like Homebrew. You can then follow this StackOverflow answer.

Apart from that, if not doing any fancy stuff like Gaussian blurring or smudging (the functions to do so are provided but not used in the script), all you need is Python (2.7). Else, you'll have to run pip install -r requirements.txt to get scipy/numpy/matplotlib.


For single text, use: $ python input_file output_file [author_name]

The output_file must have a .gif name.

For batch processing multiple text files, use: $ python input_path output_path [author_name]

The batch_process script assumes that all the text files are in the folder specified in input_path, and then it generates the image with the name "typewriter_original-filename" in folder specified by output_path. The main work is done by the generate_image() function in the script. Modify that if things don't work / don't work for you.

Author name is optional parameter. Different accreditation styles can be tweaked in generate_image().


Worked on by Sneha Sankavaram and Shivan Kaul Sahib.

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