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Node Mock REST App


This application gives your project easy setup for mock services.

Blog Post: Novice Lab


npm install node-mock-rest

Pre Requisite

  • Node JS

Starting the app

  • Run npm start
  • App would run on localhost:3333
  • If you want to run on different port run PORT=<new_port> npm start

How to use

  • GET

    Put your json file inside service folder in same structure as of your request URL e.g: /profile/1234 would be service / profile (folder) / 1234.json You don't need to restart the app

  • POST

    Data in request body will be written to the file mentioned in the POST url. For e.g.: /profile/1234 would create a file 1234.json inside profile folder and write the request body to it. By default, the response would be a success. However, if you need a custom response, create a file postresp/1234.json

  • Other Requests For requests like PUT/DELETE etc you'll allways get a success response

  • CORS It's enabled for all origin. You need to add specific domain to res.header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*'); to control.


  • Cannot create authentication scenarios
  • Adding or deleting data not possible currently
  • Limited to Content-Type application/json


Application to host mock REST services for your project



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