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An attempt to make the content of The Telegraph India responsive

To Do

  • HTML enrichment and rss Data fetch via web workers
  • Test all the sections independently
  • Remove all data hardcoding, esp. the URL hardcoded
  • Provide code comments
  • Why images are not coming properly?
  • Why UTF-8 encoding is not getting applied?
  • Add node engine to package.json

To Do [UI]

  1. Change caption font
  2. News paper font
  3. Change colors of links and Headers
  4. The sidebar should be scrollable


  1. Add Logo
  2. Add Date
  3. News List View and News Details View
  4. Add Share Button on each article
  5. Side bar with icons
  6. Footer
    1. Contact us/Disclaimer/Privacy Policy
    2. Quick Links
    3. Follow Us
  7. Search
  8. Quote of the day
  9. More stories from a section in article page 10.Font should be a newspaper font
  10. Add a breadcrumb
  11. Time ago for the news list
  12. Highlight the selected section


The Telegraph India's content in a responsive site



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