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This is a HTML5 based web app for TV to view old Hindi shows.

More on fire tv app development can be found

[To-Do] Add these features

  • Save the last viewed episode
  • Save the episode last viewed time
  • Get error log
  • Load more than 50 episodes
  • Service worker for faster page load
  • E2E Travis CI to tell if any show is not loading

Shows to be added (in no order)

  • Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
  • Ramayan
  • Mahabharat
  • Hum paanch
  • Alif Laila
  • Fauji
  • Buniyaad
  • Satyamev Jayate
  • Captain Vyom
  • Shanti
  • Kichdi
  • Mungerilal
  • Surabhi

Privacy Policy

All the videos are coming from youtube playlists. For any violation, the app won't be responsible.


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