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<!DOCTYPE html>
<ul type="circle">
<ol type = "1" start="20">
نوع اول
<ul type = "square">
<ul type = "disc">
<ul type = "circle">
نوع ثاني
<ol type = "1"> - Default-Case Numerals.
<ol type = "I"> - Upper-Case Numerals.
<ol type = "i"> - Lower-Case Numerals.
<ol type = "A"> - Upper-Case Letters.
<ol type = "a"> - Lower-Case Letters.
<ol type = "1" start = "4"> - Numerals starts with 4.
<ol type = "a" start = "4"> - Letters starts with d.
<ol type = "A" start = "4"> - Letters starts with D.
نوع ثالث
<dd>This stands for Hyper Text Markup Language</dd>
<dd>This stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol</dd>
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