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Big List of ActivityPub Projects
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The Big List of ActivityPub Projects!

W3 Quote: "The ActivityPub protocol is a decentralized social networking protocol. It provides a client to server API for creating, updating and deleting content, as well as a federated server to server API for delivering notifications and content."

Shlee Quote: "ActivityPub is the idea of splitting online services into tiny self hosted pieces - Turning privately owned services like twitter into thousands of little twitters, who are able to communicate with each other as you would expect - Giving power and control back to the many."

Mastodon Logo

Alice is on Server A. Bob is on Server B. Alice sends a message to Bob. Server A sends the message to Server B. Bob gets notified of the message. ⭐️

Alternatives to other Mainstream services

Microblogging (Tumblr)

  • None :(

Microblogging (Twitter)


  • GitHub last commit Mastodon - Ruby "Mainstream reference design"
    • GitHub last commit glitch-soc - "A glitchy but lovable fork"
    • GitHub last commit mastodo - "Implementing useful features not implemented upstream"
    • GitHub last commit Florence - "Florence's fork of Mastodon"
  • GitHub last commit Pleroma - Elixir/Erlang "High Performance with seperated BE/FE design"
  • GitHub last commit Misskey - NodeJS "forever evolving, sophisticated microblogging platform" with lots of anime girls.


  • GitHub last commit Nextcloud Social - PHP "Nextcloud becomes part of the federated social networks!"
  • GitHub last commit - Python "self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog."
  • Kibou - Rust "Mastodon-compatible server"
  • GitHub last commit Rustodon - Rust "Mastodon-compatible server"

Video Streaming (YouTube)


  • GitHub last commit PeerTube - NodeJS "Video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent and Angular."

Image Sharing (Instagram)


  • GitHub last commit PixelFed - PHP "Free and ethical photo sharing platform"


  • GitHub last commit Anfora - Python "photo gallery social network"



  • GitHub last commit Plume - Rust "federated blogging engine"
  • GitHub last commit WriteFreely - Go "federated blogging engine"

Music (Soundcloud)


  • Funkwhale - NodeJS "self-hosted tribute to"


  • GitHub last commit Soundstorm - Ruby "Federated Social Music Platform."
  • GitHub last commit Reel2Bits - Python "Soundcloud-like but simple, easy and KISS (and ActivityPub)"

Link Sharing (Reddit)


  • Prismo - Ruby/NodeJS "Federated link aggregation powered by ActivityPub."
  • GitHub last commit - Go "Link aggregator inspired by reddit"
  • GitHub last commit Lemmy - Rust "federated alternative to reddit"
  • Anancus - Go "self-hosted and federated social link aggregation."

Other ActivityPub enabled projects

  • GitHub last commit - NodeJS "Social network"
  • GitHub last commit Distbin - NodeJS "Post bin with distributed social features."
  • Hubzilla - PHP "powerful platform for creating interconnected websites."
  • GitHub last commit Dokieli - NodeJS "decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions."
  • GitHub last commit Aardwolf - Rust "Powering connected social communities"
  • GitHub last commit MeowCat2 - Python "federated blogging and social networking platform"
  • GitHub last commit socialhome - Python "federated personal profile"
  • GitHub last commit MobiliZon - Elixir "federated organization and mobilization platform. Gather people with a convivial, ethical, and emancipating tool."
  • GitHub last commit Lamia - Python "Distributed blogging, polls, and status updates powered by activitypub, python, the gay agenda, and snake women."
  • GitHub last commit Pubcast - Go "experimental ActivityPub based podcasting platform"
  • GitHub last commit Fedimos - NodeJS "End-to-End Encrypted & Decentralized Messaging Service for the Fediverse"
  • GitHub last commit pterotype - PHP "WordPress plugin that expands your audience by giving your site an ActivityPub stream"

Frameworks & Servers

  • GitHub last commit Little Boxes - Python "both database and server agnostic."
  • GitHub last commit PubGate - Python "Lightweight (Gotta Go Fast) ActivityPub federator."
  • GitHub last commit Clovis - Scala "totally a hobby project to learn new stuff at the moment so don't expect much"
  • GitHub last commit go-fed - Go "ActivityStreams & ActivityPub in golang, oh my! "
  • GitHub last commit Express ActivityPub - NodeJS "Reference implementation of an ActivityPub server using Express.js"
  • GitHub last commit pylodon - Python "Flask-based ActivityPub server"
  • CommonsPub - Elixir "WIP on a generic ActivityPub server:"


  • Bridgy Fed - connects IndieWeb sites with federated social networks.
  • ActivityPub actor - importer from centralized non-ActivityPub social networks to ActivityPub capable ones.
  • RSS to ActivityPub Converter - NodeJS - Convert any RSS feed to an ActivityPub actor that can be followed on ActivityPub-compliant social networks like Mastodon

Blog Posts

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