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Shmoopi Anti-Piracy

Fast and Reliable Protection against iOS Piracy and Cracking!


##How to use

  1. Import SFAntiPiracy.h
  2. If you want to check if the device is Jailbroken write:
if ([SFAntiPiracy isJailbroken] != NOTJAIL) {
  // Jailbroken
  1. If you want to check if the application is Pirated write:
if ([SFAntiPiracy isPirated] != NOTPIRATED) {
  // Pirated
  1. If you want to Kill the application write:
[SFAntiPiracy killApplication];


This is the Free Anti-Piracy Library Implementation. If you like what you see and want to purchase our full Anti-Piracy Library, go to The Full Shmoopi Anti-Piracy Library utilizes over a dozen algorithms to detect piracy, (not just four) including:

*Signer Identity Checks *Process ID Checks *Plist Checks *Bundled Item Checks (CodeRules, Resources, Etc) *Encryption Checks *Anti-Debugging *Encryption Checks *Anti-Tampering *Binary Checks *Integrity Checks *CRC Checks *MD5/SHA1 Hashing Checks *And much, much more…

If you like what you see here and in the future from Shmoopi LLC, please feel free to write a review of our service, or feel free to ask us a question anytime. We appreciate your support!


Please note that Shmoopi Anti-Piracy is not infalliable, a seasoned cracker will, unfortunately, be able to disable nearly any protection and detection algorithms. This Library is intended to make that as difficult as possible, and as least invasive to the legitimate user as possible. We claim no responsibility for damages caused by this library.


Shmoopi Free Anti-Piracy Library Implementation



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