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#!/usr/bin/env node
var Path = require('path');
var root = process.cwd() + Path.sep;
var cores = require('os').cpus().length;
function bool(str) {
return /^y|yes|ok|true$/i.test(str);
var cmd = require('commander');
.option('-w, --workers <workers>', 'Number of workers')
.option('-o, --workon <workon>', 'When a worker should be treated as active [online]')
.option('-s, --silent [bool]', 'Share or not stdout/stderr [true]', bool)
.option('-l, --signals [bool]', 'Listen process signals [true]', bool)
.option('-r, --respawn [bool]', 'Respawn died workers [true]', bool)
.option('-t, --timeout', 'Timeout before respawn a worker [2000]', parseInt)
.option('-f, --force', 'Timeout for worker to gracefull shutdown [5000]', parseInt)
var App = require('../lib/cluster');
script: cmd.args[0] || (root +'app.js'),
env: null,
args: [],
workers: cmd.workers || cores,
workon: cmd.workon || 'online',
silent: cmd.silent!==undefined ? cmd.silent : true,
signals: cmd.signals!==undefined ? cmd.signals : true,
respawn: cmd.respawn!==undefined ? cmd.respawn : true,
respawnTimeout: 2000,
forceTimeout: 5000,
repl: false
}, function() {
console.log('['+ +']:', 'cluster online with', this.size, 'workers.');