Client side wrapper for EJS template engine
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jQuery wrapper for EJS template engine, with template loading.


  • path Public root path for templates, default /public/views/
  • extension Templates file extension, default .html
  • open Open tag, default <?
  • close Close tag, default ?>
  • async Load templates async or not, requires callback for methods calls, default true
  • cache Template requests caching, default true
  • memory Cache in memory, template will load only once and no more requests will be sent for it until page reload, default true


  • render (template [, data, options, callback])

    Render template and return result or undefined on error, if async then callback will get error as 1'st and result as second argument on done.

    • template - template name path
    • data - template locals
    • options - call options
    • callback - callback for async calls
  • compile (template [, options, callback])

    Compile template into a function. Return error or template fn.

  • partial (template [, data, options])

    This is actually a render call but with async: false so could be used in templates to render partials. For multiple calls will be much faster to use compiled templates.

There are also few jQuery like methods.

  • $method(el, template [, data, options, callback])

    el - Element for which we do the action

    • update - Update element content with render result
    • before - Add result before element
    • after - Add result after element
    • prepend - Prepend result to element top
    • append - Append result to element bottom
    • replace - Replace element with result


Download and include ./ejs.js or ./ejs.min.js and jquery.ejs.js.

Create templates under public accessible directory, /public/views/ as default or set other path in options.

Get view instance:

// Load view instance, accept an object for custom options
var View = $.Ejs({ async: false });





var html = View.render('welcome', { title: 'jQuery Ejs!!' });


<h2>jQuery Ejs!!</h2>



<?-View.partial('content', { message: 'Support for partials' })?>




var html = View.render('welcome', { title: 'jQuery Ejs!!' });


<h2>jQuery Ejs!!</h2>
<p>Support for partials</p>



<h2>Top Football Teams</h2>
<ul id="teams">
  <?-team({ team: t })?>


<li><?>, <?></li>


var teams = [
  { name: 'Real Madrid', country: 'Spain' },
  { name: 'Barcelona', country: 'Spain' },
  { name: 'Man. United', country: 'England' },
  { name: 'AC Milan', country: 'Italy' },
  { name: 'Arsenal', country: 'England' },

var team = View.compile('teams/team', { async: false });

View.render('teams', { teams: teams, team: team }, function(error, html) {
  if (error) { return console.log('Error while render teams!');  }



The MIT License

Copyright © 2012 D.G. Shogun