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Update Models to latest Shoko Server version.

Added Last Air Date to Series & Groups (Only Titan skin, other need to be edited).
Fixed Unrecognized Files Order. (AddedDate Descending).
Fixed Worker Exception On Banners, Filmstrip mode. (Side Effect, no images on both, seems we have to redo that part of the code)
Fixed Showing the Overview of the episode, when the episode was watched/unwatched.
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maxpiva committed Aug 15, 2018
1 parent a7a91c8 commit 3e53ace1bd9906b938d8d24efb37a1cd28ac05ed
@@ -226,5 +226,8 @@ public static string GetDescription(this ImportFolder ImportFolder)

return desc;

public static string ToDateString(this DateTime? dt) => dt.HasValue ? dt.Value.ToString("dd MMM yyyy", Globals.Culture) : string.Empty;


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