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[F] fix GetEpisodesRecentlyAddedSummary to return the defined number …

…of shows with recently added episodes (without neutralizing AzureWeb API this time)
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Baine committed May 9, 2019
1 parent 1c9765d commit 075a552e3cb324d2e1dbf39eadb091a20147c4db
@@ -463,8 +463,8 @@ public List<CL_AnimeEpisode_User> GetEpisodesRecentlyAddedSummary(int maxRecords

DateTime start = DateTime.Now;

var results = RepoFactory.VideoLocal.GetMostRecentlyAdded(maxRecords, userID)
.SelectMany(a => a.GetAnimeEpisodes()).Select(a => a.AnimeSeriesID).Distinct();
var results = RepoFactory.VideoLocal.GetMostRecentlyAdded(-1, userID)
.SelectMany(a => a.GetAnimeEpisodes()).Select(a => a.AnimeSeriesID).Distinct().Take(maxRecords);

TimeSpan ts2 = DateTime.Now - start;

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