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Fix Mini Calendar

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da3dsoul committed Jul 25, 2019
1 parent 63cc5bf commit dd46b459e0360e53566094aa2b378ca1c3f8a05b
@@ -996,14 +996,14 @@ public string SetDefaultImage(bool isDefault, int animeID, int imageID, int imag
#region Calendar (Dashboard)

public List<CL_AniDB_Anime> GetMiniCalendar(int jmmuserID, int numberOfDays)
public List<CL_AniDB_Anime> GetMiniCalendar(int userID, int numberOfDays)
// get all the series
List<CL_AniDB_Anime> animeList = new List<CL_AniDB_Anime>();

SVR_JMMUser user = RepoFactory.JMMUser.GetByID(jmmuserID);
SVR_JMMUser user = RepoFactory.JMMUser.GetByID(userID);
if (user == null) return animeList;

List<SVR_AniDB_Anime> animes = RepoFactory.AniDB_Anime.GetForDate(

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